7 Reasons to Cut Your Hair for Summer ...


There are so many reasons to cut your hair this summer, it’s hard to think of reasons not to! I love cutting my hair, but you may be more hesitant to do so. If you’re having doubts about whether or not to change up your style as the weather gets warmer, check out these reasons to cut your hair for summer!

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One of the simplest reasons to cut your hair is simply that it will be more lightweight. Summer is hot, sometimes humid. Having a ton of hair weighing you down during the summer months is no fun! To relieve yourself of that particular burden, why not cut your hair, a little or a lot, this summer?


New Start

Even though cutting your hair doesn’t seem like a big deal, it makes a big difference in your life. A small change can have a huge impact on the way you view yourself and the world! Cutting your hair is symbolic of a new start, and time for personal growth. So if you feel like leaving the past year behind you, cut your hair like you just don’t care!


Easy to Manage

Short hair is so much easier to manage than long hair. From washing to styling to maintaining it throughout the day, short hair is easier to manage on every level. Short hair takes less time to take care of, as well as less shampoo, conditioner, and hair product. So you save money and time!


In addition to being easier to manage, short hair also requires less maintenance in terms of salon visits. With shorter hair, you can go longer periods of time without needing a trim or touch-up, saving you money on regular hair appointments. Shorter hair also dries faster, which can be a huge time-saver during the busy summer months. Plus, with shorter hair, you don't have to worry about it getting tangled or knotted as easily, making it a great choice for those with busy lifestyles. Overall, choosing to cut your hair for summer can not only give you a fresh new look, but also save you time and money in the long run.


Time to Work with It

If you’re in college or high school, you may be scared to cut your hair during the school year because a bad haircut can mean a semester of embarrassment. But over summer, you have plenty of time to work with your hair. You’ll get the hang of the feel of a shorter haircut, as well as get a chance to practice styling it exactly how you want to.



My favorite thing about short haircuts is that they’re so carefree. You don’t need to get a bob or pixie cut over summer, but if you do you’re sure to love it! Short hair is fun and carefree- just like summer!



A new haircut can really boost your confidence! Going from a mundane hairstyle to something new is really exciting, and will inspire change in your life! You’ll be infinitely more confident after a snazzy new haircut, and emerge from summer a reborn woman!


Time for a Change

Maybe a change in your style is simply well-overdue. Change is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, so if your life has been pretty stagnant lately, you ought to do something about that! You can change your wardrobe, makeup style, or redecorate your home, but a more permanent change may do the trick a little better! That’s why you should cut your hair, let go, and do something new and different this summer to give your life the change it needs!

Cutting your hair is a big decision to make, but sometimes it just needs to be done! There’s no shortage of reasons to cut your hair, so ultimately what it comes down to is if you’re willing to make the change or not. But if there was ever a perfect time to cut your hair, it is during the summer! What is your reason for cutting your hair this summer?

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just cut my hair in a pixie I love it !

never. don't gave the guts

just cut it today! and I totally agree with this!

include photos

No never

This article is sort of silly. enticing people to cut their hair? I have super long hair that reaches past my hips....I have always had very long hair, I do not cut it just because summer comes...My hair doesn't make me hot in summer, and even if it does, there are so many pretty hair styles you can wear to keep your hair off...braids, pigtails, buns, you don't have to resort to chopping your hair off! yes, some people can pull off short hair but its not for everyone....and people with long hair can be very confident. long hair is gorgeous and feminine.....long hair isn't mundane....its far more interesting than a pixie cut

I'll cut my hair then. my hairs very long and it grows fast anyways so it will grow back. I do hate it when my hairs hanging really low on a summer day and it covers all my back which makes it hotter in the summer and all the work I have to do with my hair, it kills me

I cut all of my hair off, boy-short, just to get out of my comfort zone and find myself.

I think it takes a special confidence for women to wear their hair short. I was lucky to grow up with a dad who loved women with short hair, and always encouraged me to do what I wanted for short styles.

Since summer started for me yesterday, I went right ahead and got my hair cut short! These are great reasons to cut hair short for the summer (and the exact same ones I had, too)

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