7 Reasons to Break up with Your Hair Stylist and Not Feel Bad about It ...


Having to break up with your hair stylist could be just as hard as breaking up with a boyfriend - so many questions, so much self-doubt. Is it you, is it him or is the time not right – let’s get to the bottom of these unique relationships, try to figure out when it’s a good time to break up with your hair stylist and name a few things you should not tolerate.

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You’re Never Happy with Your Cut

One unsatisfactory cut is not a reason to break up with your hair stylist, but a lifetime of bad hair is not something you should tolerate. Some stylists favor certain cuts, some can’t work with certain hair textures and that’s totally cool – as long as you aren’t suffering for it. Keep looking until you find a stylist that listens and can work magic on your tresses.


Your Hair is Being Mistreated

A good stylist should know how to cut, process or style your hair so it suffers the least amount of damage possible. It’s not always the easiest or the quickest option but it’s the best one and that’s all that matters. If you feel your hair is being mistreated because your stylist just can’t be bothered, doesn’t know any better or is always in a rush to tend to the next customer – run and don’t look back!


You’re Not a Priority

Your hair appointment should be all about you and you shouldn’t be made to beg for something you’re paying for. You shouldn’t feel like a piece of furniture nor spend your appointments shaking in fear because your stylist is texting while cutting your hair or focusing on other customers when he/she should be checking your hair.


Aggressive Approach

I’m all about experimenting and respect constructive criticism but some things are just plain rude. Like stylists talking women into bleaching or relaxing their hair even if they are quite happy with their color/texture. Don’t be a pushover and don’t let anyone tell you natural curls or dark hair are not hot!


It’s All about the Money

All customers should be respected and treated the same regardless of how much money they bring to the salon. If you’re paying for your cut and tipping fairly you should not be treated any differently than customers who need pricier services. If this is not the case and you feel like you’re being looked down upon, do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.



Unpredictable things can happen and I’m all for being a good customer and waiting. If however, you find yourself waiting for an hour or more every single time, you might want to start thinking about switching to a more organized place. Customers have lives and schedules to keep, too!


Rude Gossips

Gossips and hair salons are a match made in heaven and it can be a lot of fun as long as the topics are light and not too personal. If a stylist keeps crossing that line or even grills you for info you don’t feel like sharing, start looking for a more comfortable environment.

How do you deal with less-than-acceptable results and more-than-expected levels of hair salon-related stress? I have no qualms about ending bad relationships and if there’s no respect, love or will to work things out, there's basically nothing left to talk about.

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So true! I've been with so many hairdressers and the one thing that ticks me off is them trying to push me into getting a haircut I don't want. Also if they're multi tasking whilst cutting your hair.

#2 is true for me

love this show

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