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7 Reasons to Love Your Stick Straight Hair ...

By Eliza

I am here to give you some reasons to love your straight hair. I know that most people want what they can’t have when it comes to hair. I have curly locks and my mom has stick straight locks and we both always lament that we wish we could trade. With that in mind, I gathered all the best reasons to love your straight hair based on my wish to have it myself. There’s no point in wishing you could have something you don’t, so embrace your straight hair and learn to love it! Here’s why.

1 Brush and Go

When you have curly hair, there is no getting out of bed and going. That’s why easy maintenance is my top of the many reasons to love your straight hair. I can’t even imagine how much faster my morning routine would be if I could just comb my hair and be done. So next time you find yourself wishing for curly hair, just remember that it takes time and products to make it behave and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you have straight hair.

2 Fewer Tangles

When your hair is super straight, it means fewer tangles to comb out. Sure, you might still get a mess when it’s windy or you slept on your hair all night, but for the most part, straight hair is easy to manage. Simply comb it when wet and give it a quick once over with the brush every few hours and you’re good to go!

3 Fewer Products

As a curly haired girl I can tell you that there is no shortage of products in my bathroom. Special shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, curly hair mousse and hairspray to tame the flyaways. If you have straight hair, you probably don’t need a ton of styling products to keep things under control and you can probably use general cleaning products to help get rid of residue, dirt and grime. That saves you time and money!

4 More Styling Options

When you have straight hair the styling options are virtually limitless. Want a braid? Easy! Need a ponytail for a workout? Simple! Anything else – give it a try because it will most likely work. On the other hand, with curls it can be hard to wrangle them into place and keep them where you want them. That means you should embrace your locks and use them as a palette for all the fun hairstyles you see.

5 You Can Brush It

I don’t even own a brush because I can’t use it on my curls. I have to comb them with a traditional comb or my fingers or I have a fluffy mess on top of my head. However, combing takes longer and isn’t always as efficient at getting rid of tangles as brushing is. So there’s one more perk of having straight hair.

6 It’s Shinier

You know those hair commercials when the hair is super straight and super shiny? That’s not as possible to achieve with curly or wavy hair. Your straight hair, provided it’s healthy and strong, will look shiny if you take care of it properly. That’s equated with beautiful hair so take it if you can!

7 You Can Wear It Short

I once made the mistake of getting my hair cut super short and I looked awful. Curls tend to spring up more with less weight so when you get them chopped, your hair poofs up and out. Not a pretty look. With straight hair, you can easily have a super short style without looking silly.

Do you have straight hair? I used to fight my curls and spent hours straightening my hair. I don’t do that anymore. I’d love to have straight hair, but there are benefits to curly hair too. What’s your favorite reason to love your straight hair?

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