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Have you been on a search for tools to give your hair more volume? This article can offer you some help with that. Trying to get volume and lift into your hair can be frustrating. These tools to give your hair more volume can solve those issues for you.

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Buy Some Root Boost

One of the best tools to give your hair more volume is root boost. If you’ve never used root boost then you’re missing out. This product is a must-have if you want to achieve incredible volume and lift. There’re many different brands that offer root boost. My current favorite is by TIGI Catwalk. Simply spray on the roots when your hair is wet then blow-dry as usual.


Blow Dry Upside down

Blow-drying your hair upside down can make a big difference in the volume and lift you have. It pushes your hair away from your scalp so when you flip your hair back up, it’ll lift away from your head. If you can’t blow-dry upside down the whole time, try lifting one section up and away from your head at a time and blow-dry it in that position. From there you’ve got a good base to style. This is an important step.


Learn to Tease Your Hair

All my life, I thought that teasing your hair was no big deal and it just didn’t work very well on my hair. The truth is that there’s an actual procedure you should follow when you tease your hair. If you haven’t learned the proper steps to teasing your hair yet, you need to. You’ll thank yourself later.


Learn to Position Your Hair

Does this sound crazy to you? If it does, just hang in there. A lot of women are in the habit of styling their hair and then spraying it. They don’t take the extra 10 seconds to position their hair into the place they want it to end in because they simply don’t think to do so. Take a moment to place your hair the exact way you want it then spray it carefully.


Find the Right Hairspray

As women we want different things from our hairspray.There’re so many different hairsprays out there to choose from. If you really want some volume and lift, you probably need to go for something with some hold to it. One I’m loving right now is Tresseme’s Climate Control Finishing Spray. It holds without being too stiff and at 4 bucks a pop, it’s affordable.


Cut in Layers

Layers are magic, girls. If you want volume and lift, you need layers. This is especially true if you have hair that has a fine texture, like I do. It just gives you more angles to work with when you style your hair. Talk to your hairstylist about it at your next appointment.


Style It Dirty

I discovered this one by accident not long ago. I skipped washing my hair that morning and thought I’d throw some curls in to hide that fact. So I curled it and it had amazing volume and lift. I thought it was a coincidence but have repeated this several times since with great results. Skip shampooing for a day and curl it instead.

These are 7 tips, tricks and tools to give you more volume and lift. But there’s certainly more. What’re your secret tips for great volume and lift?

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All very true, and especially Palm tease right at the base where your bangs line would be, regardless of whether or not you have them!!! Works wonders

I've been using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. It helps a ton. I also make sure to only apply conditioner to the very ends.

Aquage thickening spray and or uplifting foam! Then blow dry your hair for crazy volume. Blow dry it 50 percent first then turn ur head upside down for the next 40 percent smooth and seal the last 10 percent!!

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