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Some of us naturalistas have fearless product love, curly/kinky hair flair and fabulous techniques for styling natural hair. It looks easy, like we have been tossing out these fabulous styles since birth. While that sounds great, it certainly is not true for all of us. Sometimes we need an extra dose of patience and a little help with the basics of natural hairstyling goodness – a refresher even. No matter if you are new to the game or are already well established in your routine, check out these nine basic techniques for styling natural hair. Happy kinky-curly reading!

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Two-strand Twist

The two-strand twist is one of the most well-known techniques for styling natural hair. It is also one of the easiest – you will love it. Separate your hair into as many sections as you like. Apply moisturizing curl cream in a downward motion beginning one half inch away from your scalp, smoothing down to the ends of your hair. Part each of those sections in two, twist together and roll the ends.


Three-strand Twist

This basic style is sort of like a modified braid. It also looks a bit more complicated than it is. Three-strand twist is a little time consuming but the result is worth it – you end up with a tighter spiral curl and lots of definition. Once you get the hang of maneuvering the three strands, you will have no problem.


Flat Twist

This foundation style shows up quite often in natural hairstyles. Flat twists minimize bulk, reduce frizz and just look pretty. The key with this style is moisture. As you work to install this style, be sure your strands remain moist throughout the flat twist process. A change in the moisture content affects the style.



Braiding is a simple technique that many of us learn without thinking about it; we just pick it up by watching other people. Braids are easy and fun, and great for humid days when you want less bulk. If you need a little help with this foundation style, check out the video link.


Cornrow/Dutch Braid/French Braid

Depending on the way you layer your strands (over vs. under) or the width of the rows (teeny tiny or bigger), the end product is the same. Use this foundation style as small accents or the main attraction. If you are feeling a little creative, install a small cornrow across your crown as a hair band.

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Bantu Knot

The Bantu knot produces defined spiral curls on natural hair without heat. The keys to a good Bantu knot are product and patience. A great moisturizing product will nourish your hair and enhance shine. Allow the knots to dry completely before uncoiling.



The name is a little strange but the technique is on point. Apply styling cream to damp hair and finger comb through from root to tip. Next, gently separate each section into smaller clumps of curly sections, smoothing downward along the shaft, separating into smaller sections of defined, detangled curls.


Wet Set

Wet set your hair using a variety of styling aids, such as rollers, perm rods or flexi rods. Heck, you can even use straws. I have and the result was a beyond fabulous zigzag patterned curl! Try it. Again, as you are working with damp hair, the key is to allow strands to air-dry completely.



Banding is a technique that helps stretch tightly coiled hair while it dries. It is often used in place of a blow dryer. Banding is used to help elongate your coils and curls in preparation for other styles. Separate a section of hair and bind the length of hair using several hair ties. Exercise great restraint with this technique, so as to not pull hair too tight.

A firm grasp of these basic techniques will help you create a variety of styles to suit your needs. How do you style your natural hair? Do you have a favorite technique not listed here?

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The shingling method was so pretty!


Makes me wish I didn't have locs! Nice ideas for my baby girl's natural hair!

I'm relaxed but I love big curly hair! My daughter is natural real tiger coils would love to see a post on good products for that kind of hair


Love these...wish they were easier for my slightly softer, less kinky hair though

Nothing here for my short natural hair... :( At least I don't think so...

I love my natural!

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