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Long-lasting curls are something we all want. After all, if you take the time to curl your hair then you want to get at least a day’s wear out of it, right? These are 7 secrets to getting the long-lasting curls you want. Even if your hair is the type that doesn’t hold curl well, these secrets can make a big difference.

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Start with Second Day Hair

One of the first secrets to long-lasting curls is to start with second day hair. Freshly washed hair generally doesn’t curl well. There’s no grit to clean hair which means it’ll slide right out of your curling iron. Second day hair has enough texture to curl well. If you absolutely must curl your freshly washed hair then make sure you add some texturizing products in before you curl.


Use the Right Size Curling Iron

Everyone’s hair is different. Because of that, there’s not one certain size of curling iron everyone should use. However, there probably is a right or wrong size for your unique hair. You’ll have to find out what works best for you. The most universally used size of curling iron is the 1 inch so you may want to try that one first.


When considering curling iron sizes, think about the type of curl you're aiming for. Small barrels, around 0.5 to 0.75 inches, are perfect for tighter, ringlet-like curls, while larger barrels1.5 to 2 inches — create loose waves and more volume. Medium-sized barrels, around 1 to 1.25 inches, offer versatility for creating both defined curls and relaxed waves. Remember, the longer and thicker your hair, the larger the barrel you might need. Additionally, a clipless wand can give a more natural look, as it creates curls without the crimp sometimes left by a clamp.


Use a Good Brand of Curling Iron

This may not be a tip that everyone needs to follow. Some people can get away with a really cheap curling iron. I’m not one of those people and I’d say a lot of you are with me. If cheap curling irons don’t seem to work for you then invest in a salon quality curling iron. I’m a huge fan of Hot Tools curling irons. They produce amazing results.


Learn the Right Techniques

Even with the right size curling iron and the right brand, you’re not going to get the results you want if you don’t know the right techniques for curling your hair. Again, this is not a one size fits all approach. Different techniques will work best for different people. One thing that can really help is to watch some tutorials on curling your hair to learn new techniques to try. I learned the technique I use to curl my hair through watching a tutorial.


Spray Hair First

Misting your hair with a bit of hairspray before you curl it will help it to hold curl much better. Be sure to choose an aerosol hairspray for this. Aerosol hair spray is a drier type of hairspray than the kind that has a pump. You should spray your hair again after taking the curling iron out. Finally, give it a good spray all over when you’re totally finished.

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Catch the Curl in Your Hand

This can help the curl to retain it’s shape just a bit better. When you take the curling iron out, catch the curl in your hand. Cup your hand and push the curl upward just a bit before you release it. This seems to reinforce the curl. This is a trick used in hair salons, too.


Curl Again Where Necessary

No matter how carefully you curl your hair there’s always a couple spots that seem to not curl well. Get a mirror and check the back of your hair for these rebel strands. You want all of your hair curled equally. Recurl the places where it’s necessary. This’ll give your hair the perfect look you’re going for and help you to have long-lasting curls.

These are 7 secrets to give you the long-lasting curls you want. What advice do you have on this subject? You’re welcome to share.

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I have naturally curly hair but I trimmed the tips myself and since then My hair has been falling out like mad. Seriously people think I'm on chemo. Then I read if you don't properly trim curly hair, you can damage it. Plus it's always dry and frizzy and I HAE tried every technique known to man. Any advice? Thanks.

As a licensed cosmetologist you NEED a good curling iron! I agree, hot tools is the best! Depending on your hair& length, use a one inch or a one and a quarter for more looser curls. Before curling, use a thermal setting spray to spray each section as you go. This will hold the curl better& protect your hair from the high heat of the curling iron. You do need to let each curl to cool before touch it. That's a biggie for long lasting curls😊

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