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I have really curly hair and rain is a disaster! The wet stuff tends to mess with any woman’s hair though. With spring upon us, the chances that you’ll get stuck in the rain are much higher for the next few months. Don’t worry – you can still enjoy a rainy day without a hair nightmare by following a few easy steps. Here’s to perfect hair days, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

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Wear a Really Cute Headband

You don’t need a reason to wear a headband, but I’ll give you one anyway. When it’s raining outside, the hair that tends to show it the most is the hair around your face. For me, it gets really, really frizzy and curly and generally looks horrible. By holding it back with a headband, you eliminate the problem and look fabulous at the same time. What more could you want or need?


Twist Your Hair into a Bun

Any bun will do in this case. Whether you wear one to the side under your ear, at the nape of your neck or high on your head, a bun corrals your hair and can retain its shape and polished look even when it’s wet outside. You want to twist your bun tight enough to stay put and to keep all stray locks of hair in place, but not so tight that you get a headache. Experiment! You’ll find the bun that works best for you.


Sleep in a Little

The rain is going to make your hair look natural. That means that if you have curly hair, the rain will result in curls. Whatever your hair looks like after a shower is a good indicator of what the rain will do to it. When you expect rain, don’t waste your time with blow drying or a ton of styling. Instead, embrace your natural look and rock it all day long. Bonus- you can sleep for 15 extra minutes!


Grab the anti-Frizz Products

Contrary to what you might think, adding extra hairspray or mousse when it’s raining outside is only going to make frizz worse. Instead, hair experts suggest skipping all your usual styling products and using just a dab of anti-frizz product instead. It will help keep your hair in place, but will combat the frizzies when you head out into the rain. Remember – for many girls hair frizzes even if you’re carrying an umbrella.


Put Your Hands in Your Pockets

This is perfect if it’s raining and chilly at the same time, but it serves another purpose too. When it’s raining, it’s really tempting to run your hands through your hair trying to prevent problems. Rest assured that this only makes the problem worse. Stick your hands in your pockets and you’ll be less likely to touch your hair and mess around with it. This might not solve the problem entirely, but it will certainly help a whole bunch.


Criss Cross into a Braid

A braid is just as great for holding hair in place as a bun is. And it’s super trendy right now to wear a side braid. Pull your hair to the side, separate it into three sections, then braid as usual. Secure the end of the braid and add a cute silk flower or ribbon bow to give it personality. If you like a French braid, that looks fabulous too, rain or shine!


Apply a Great Hydrating Mask

This won’t do the job when frizz is getting your down, but do so regularly and it can help combat the problem long-term. Experts suggest applying a hair mask once a week to keep hair healthy. In general, you’ll do this in the shower so it’s not even a big deal. Try it – you are going to love the results!

Do you fight frizz when it rains? It’s definitely not a situation you love, right? Me either! Which of these tips will you try next time it rains?

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Where Thoughts and Opinions Converge's actually raining like hell outside right now!!!

I have yet to find a frizz product that works. My hair is straight, so when I know it's going to be a bad weather day, I make sure to curl it. I find my hair stays so pretty when curly with curl cream. But to keep it straight, forget about it.

Its dara!!!! ❤❤

#1 Can I wear a metal headband in the rain without it getting rusty?

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