No More Hairy Situations 9 Tips to Avoid Bad Hair Days ...


Bad hair can spoil your whole day. When bad hair strikes it takes up way too much of your energy. You fret about it all day, you fuss with it thinking everyone has noticed, when in all probability they haven’t. Best thing to do? Avoid a bad hair day in the first place. Here’s how:

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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo wasn’t always a product that could be trusted, but these days there are countless brands that are really excellent at giving your hair a fresh burst of life and removing any unwanted oil and grease without having to go ahead and have a full blown shower. Perfect if you are running late.


Use a Toothbrush

A handy tip for avoiding a bad hair day if you are prone to a few stray static hairs on top is to spray a toothbrush with hairspray and dab it in all the necessary places. This helps to sort out the problem hairs whilst helping you avoid having to over brush your hair and risk making it greasy.


Try a Sock Bun

We all have days where no matter what we try to do, our hair just will not cooperate! One easy and still fashionable way to get around this is to put your hair up in a sock bun style. Not only does it fit with current trends but it also helps to conceal most of the unruly hair that doesn’t want to play ball!


Use the Cool Setting on Your Hairdryer

Whilst most of us automatically set our hairdryers to the hottest setting for purposes of time, one trick that you might not be totally aware of is the fact that using the cool setting on your hairdryer will set it, as supposed to the hotter setting that is used to style it.


Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Shampoo should only be used when your hair really needs to be washed, not necessarily every time you get in the shower. Over-shampooing hair can lead to it becoming very dry and more susceptible to split ends, as well as fading colors much quicker.


Soak up Excess Gel

If you have gone a bit overboard and ended up with way to much gel product in your hair, find a towel and run it over your head a couple of times to rid your hair of the unwanted excess. Leaving it in to dry will only drown your hair and make it harder to work with for days afterwards.


Add Moisture

Whether it be in the form of conditioner, a natural oil or a type of frizz cream, it is essential that hair is appropriately moist for you to be fully able to style it however you like. Dry, frizzy hair obeys nobody, so make sure you give yours the moisture that it needs to behave!


Common Sense when Picking a Color

So many people end having bad hair days because they don’t properly consider what dye colors are suitable for them. The complexion of your skin is a big part of how your hair turns out, so be wise and accept that some colors just will not be good for you!


Wear a Hat!

If all else fails, remember that you can always beat the bad hair day by donning a stylish hat of your choice! Not only will it hide your less than perfect hair from the public but it will also simultaneously work to calm some of the static that you might be experiencing, killing two birds with one stone!

How often do you have bad hair days? How do you deal?

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Use a cleansing shampoo, instead of shampoo. You're welcome.

I want that hat in the photo! I also use dry shampoo and add waves. It's amazing how much dry shampoo thickens.

love it

Every time I have a bad hair day people always compliment my hair. It never fails

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