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If you've ever logged onto Tumblr or Pinterest, you've seen gorgeous girls with colored strands of hair. However, some of us aren't ready to commit to dying our hair a crazy color, which is why hair chalk was invented. It's a great alternative that'll let you see what you look like with colored hair, but it will wash out before your parents have a chance to yell at you about it. If you're interested in getting a cute new look, here are some tips for using hair chalk:

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Avoid Wearing Good Clothes You Don't Want to Ruin

Avoid Wearing Good Clothes You Don't Want to Ruin Hair chalk can get pretty messy, which is why your first order of business should be to find clothing that you won't mind ruining. It's best to wear a robe that'll be easy for you to wash or an old tee-shirt that you don't mind tossing out. You also want to be in a room with floors that are easy to clean, like a bathroom, so that any chalk that falls to the ground won't stain anything.


Only Dark Haired Women Should Use Water

Only Dark Haired Women Should Use Water If you have blonde hair, you probably shouldn't wet your hair before you apply the chalk. If you do, then the color is going to last longer than it's meant to. However, if you have dark hair, you're going to have to use a little water in order to make sure that the color actually shows up on your hair.


Twist Your Hair as You Chalk

Twist Your Hair as You Chalk Now it's time to actually start chalking! When you do so, you should twist your hair so that you're able to get the color on every inch of your locks. After all, you don't want to miss a spot and end up ruining your gorgeous new look.


Brush Excess Powder off of Each Strand

Brush Excess Powder off of Each Strand After you finish chalking a piece of hair, you should brush off the excess powder. If you don't, then it'll end up getting all over you and your furniture later on in the day. So make sure you remove anything extra clinging to your hair.


Wear Your Hair up to Avoid Staining Clothes

Wear Your Hair up to Avoid Staining Clothes Even if you brush the extra powder off of each piece, there will still be a chance that the color will stain your clothes later in the day. That's why most girls you see with chalked hair wear it in an updo. It's the safest method, and besides, the right style will make you look even more fashionable.


Never Blow Dry Chalked Hair

Never Blow Dry Chalked Hair You should let your hair air dry after you finish chalking. If you blow dry your hair, you could cause some of the chalk to fly off of your hair and into the air. Nobody wants that, so stick to air drying to avoid the mess.


Use Clarifying Shampoo to Get Rid of the Color

Use Clarifying Shampoo to Get Rid of the Color It shouldn't take long for the color to wash out of your hair. However, if for some reason it won't come out, you can use clarifying shampoo in order to make it disappear faster.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair. Why? Because there are plenty of people out and about at every hour of the day, so you'll have plenty of chances to show off your new look! Have you ever used hair chalk before?

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It's a good idea and looks fun and creative, but what if it were to rain and you were outside....xx

It looks great

I want to try this !

I've tried this before and it was complete disaster!

Loreal makes liquid chalk now. Instead of dealing with the "dustiness" that could come along with traditional chalk. It lasts through 2 shampoos and is really vibrant. I have the purple & blue..I luv it.

yeh its kinda really hard if u have sensitive haor u should b very careful cause the haor falls alot whn u put the chalk on ur hair and slide it

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