Brighten up Your Bun with These 7 Tricks ...


If your hair's long enough, putting it in a bun is a practical way of styling it. It's a great way of keeping your hair out of your way in the summer months. But practical can get boring, so try these cool tricks to brighten up your bun …

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Braid It at the Sides

Braid It at the Sides When you put your hair into a bun, you automatically pull it back into a ponytail first. You may also like putting your hair into one long plait. Why not combine the two? Plait the hair at each side, then put everything into a bun. It's perfect for that laid-back, summer, cool hippy vibe.


Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun This would look cool on wavy hair but would equally work on straight hair. Simply divide your hair into two parts and twist each one round. Then wrap the two twists around each other to make one thicker twist. Fold into a bun and pin. This would also look pretty with a thin ribbon in each twist.


Low Braided Bun

Low Braided Bun This looks complicated but is actually really easy. First pull your hair into a low ponytail and tie with a band. Make a "hole" in the hair above the band, and pull the ponytail over and through the hole. Then braid your hair loosely and fix into a bun. This creates a loose, messy, braided bun.


Change Your Parting

Change Your Parting When you put your hair in a bun, you always leave your hair in its normal parting. So try parting your hair in a different place. You'll be surprised how much this changes a simple bun! And because you're styling your hair in a bun, any odd lengths from parting your hair in a different place can simply be tucked into the bun.


Use a Scarf in Your Bun - or around It

Use a Scarf in Your Bun - or around It Scarves are a great way of accessorising your bun. Wrap the scarf round the finished bun for a carefree 1950s look, or plait the scarf into the bun itself. Plait your hair and tie the scarf round the end, then make the plait into a bun. Or tie the scarf round a high ponytail, then fix. There are so many ways to incorporate a scarf into a bun!


Twin Buns

Twin Buns Twin buns high on your head give a fun, youthful vibe, but if you're older than Miley don't copy this look; it's definitely one better suited to the young (unless you're Bjork, who can get away with anything). If you're older, and you want the twin buns look, try twisting your hair into low buns - this looks classier and more elegant. It would also look great with some flowers or other accessories fixed into the buns.


Side Bun

Side Bun Finally, a bun doesn't have to be symmetrical. Try fixing your hair into a side bun instead. This can be made to look either very elegant, or relaxed and casual. If you want it to look smarter, smooth the hair carefully and fix as if you were making a regular chignon. For a casual look, pull into a messy bun.

There are so many creative ways to style a bun that you don't have to stick to the same old boring bun. If you're not certain how to create a style, look for tutorials. With a little practice you'll soon be able to create a variety of beautiful buns!

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Buns (I think) are harder to do on yourself, than, others-SHAMMY.

I personay hate twin buns .

I'm really good at doing buns and hairstyles on my sisters but whenever I try it on myself... My side buns always look like a deflated willy or a saggy croissant!! :( I feel sorry for myself now hahaha

My hair used to be so long, I could literally twist it and tie it in a knot to make a bun-just like the,"Fructis,"commercials. How I want to be able to do that again! (Sigh) but, anyway, these are all really cute ideas:)

Twin buns are cute. I'm 21 and have worn them once at first I felt weird but then I realized it was cute

The twin bun look does make you look a bit like Minnie Mouse, though-if that's the look you're going for. (I'm just sayin).

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