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7 Ways to Prevent Your Hair from Getting Greasy ...

By Holly

You don't want your beautiful hair to look loaded down with grease. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent oils from building up in your hair. You just have to remember to avoid doing some simple things that will make your locks look less than lovely. Here are some proven ways to prevent your hair from getting greasy:

1 Don’t Shampoo Every Single Day

You shouldn't actually shampoo every single day. It's not going to get your hair any cleaner. Unless you have very fine hair or sweat often, it's actually healthier for you to go a day without shampooing. Don't worry, because you can still shower and condition, so you won't feel like you're dirty.

2 Don't Touch It Too Often

You don't want to touch your hair, unless it's absolutely necessary. Grab it when you're styling it in the morning and then leave it alone for the rest of the day. If you have bangs, make sure to bobby pin them to the side or cut them to a length that won't obstruct your eyes. Otherwise, you'll end up pushing them around all day without even realizing it.


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3 Don't Go to Bed with Wet Hair

You don't want your sleeping habits to damage your hair, do you? After all, you take good care of your hair during the day, so it shouldn't be any different when you sleep. You should either blow-dry your hair before you go to bed or start taking showers in the morning. It's incredibly unhealthy for your hair to be wet while you sleep.

4 Don't Forget to Change Your Pillowcase

Change your pillowcase as often as you change your toothbrush. You don't want to rest your head on a pillow covered with old dirt and oil from your hair and face. Not only will it make your hair greasy, but it could make your acne worse. If you can, buy a satin pillowcase, because the material won't pull or catch your hair as often.

5 Don't Use Heat on It Everyday

The heat from your straightener can produce grease that will ruin any hairdo. Plus, using heat products frequently can damage your hair in entirely different ways by leading to breakage and split ends. That's why you should avoid straightening or curling your hair on a daily basis. Embrace your natural look.

6 Don’t Use Conditioner on Your Roots

When you condition your hair, avoid adding any of the product to your roots, because the spot already has enough natural oils. Stick to applying the product to the rest of your hair. The tips are the places that need the most conditioner, so make sure you keep the product down low.

7 Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Often

Just like you shouldn't touch your hair too often, you shouldn't brush your hair too often. You shouldn't comb it when it's wet either, because it can cause your hair to break or will pull pieces out completely. Try combing your hair through every morning when you get ready for your day and whenever you feel a knot in it. Otherwise, put the brush down. You don't need it as often as you think. You already look fabulous.

As long as you follow these preventative tips, you shouldn't have to worry about grease ever again. What other methods do you use to prevent your hair from becoming greasy?

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