Can You Pull off Ombre or Balayage Hair? Here's How to Know ...


Ombre and balayage are some hair color terms that are getting tossed around a lot right now. While ombre hair coloring is generally concentrated on the lower half of your hair, balayage involves adding chunks of color into your hair vertically and is painted on. Both techniques are popular, but the question is, are they are for you? These are some signs you can pull them off.

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You’re Ready for a Change

You’re Ready for a Change Both of these hair coloring methods are different to your basic color and highlight. It’s important to note that ombre is generally a more dramatic look than balayage, but both are unique styles in their own right. One sign that ombre or balayage is for you is that you’re ready for a change. You’ve had the same hairstyle forever and you’re done with it. You know that changing it up is exactly what you need.


Your Hair is Healthy

Your Hair is Healthy Any type of hair color can be damaging to your hair. Usually this is minimal and your hair can be quickly restored with some good conditioner. You don’t want to do any type of hair color if your hair is damaged. It’s best to work on getting your hair healthy first. But if your hair is currently healthy then you’ve got the go ahead for ombre or balayage.


You’re Adventurous when It Comes to HairStyles

You’re Adventurous when It Comes to HairStyles Ombre and balayage are a bit more adventurous than your basic highlight. If you’re adventurous when it comes to your hair then these may be a good fit for you. Ombre would probably require a bit more of an adventurous spirit since it’s basically a two toned look. It can have some softness that blurs the lines, but it’s not something that just blends in. If you’re feeling bold then this look’s right for you.


You Love the Look of Mixed Color in Your Hair

You Love the Look of Mixed Color in Your Hair If you want your hair to be all one color then this isn’t going to be the right choice. However, if you love mixed color in your hair then these color options will fit you well. You like to keep things spiced up in the hair department and mixing in different colors is a way to do that. Both ombre and balayage can be a lot of fun. It can give your self-confidence a boost and who doesn’t love that?


Dramatic Changes Don’t Scare You

Dramatic Changes Don’t Scare You I’m going to admit that I’m not good at going dramatic with my hair. I want to be brave, but I often chicken out. However, if you’re brave and dramatic changes don’t scare you then go for it! You may be the type of girl who loves something different and dramatic. I admire you!


You Have an Edgy Style

You Have an Edgy Style If you have a bit of an edgy style then these color options will fit you perfectly. This is especially true of ombre. Balayage has its own unique look, but it’s more natural than ombre. There’s no doubt that you’ve made a dramatic change to your hair when you go for ombre hair coloring. If edgy has always been the term that fits you, then this hair color choice is the right one.


You’re Ready to Be Noticed

You’re Ready to Be Noticed Tired of being a blend in girl? These hair color choices are sure to make you a stand out girl. Although the balayage is subtle, it’ll still make others notice something’s different. It may take them a bit to put their finger on it, but you’ll certainly be noticed. I think all of us want to be noticed sometimes. That’s part of the fun of being a girl.

These are 7 signs that the ombre or balayage trend may be right for you. What do you think? Are you ready to make the jump into one of these hair color options?

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Make sure your hair is very healthy especially mid strand to ends! It takes a toll on your hair especially if your hair falls into the dark brown category.

I'm thinking of doing my hair ombré , but I'm too nervous.

I feel like I would look good with some sort of ombré, but I'm sure my parents would never approve.

I have dyed my hair a lot lately and I just did the ombré look and I love it!!

I'm thinking of doing my hair ombré but dramatic changes kinda scare me.

Also do a few deep conditioner treatments b4 your appointment. Start out subtle you can always get more. More is less ladies!

I have Ombré Hair

I always wanted this balayage look but ended up with platinum hair! Be careful which hairdresser you are going to trust.

i have pastel purple hair now and i love it 💋😘😍

Balayage highlights are very much worth it, however you may have to get it done twice to get your desired look - I asked for very subtle balayage and still loved it, it looked like sun kissed highlights and was a great alternative to going completely blonde!

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