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Tips to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing for Girls Who Are Heading out ...

By Vladlena

Have you ever hugged a person and were blown away by the smell of their hair? I know I have and I've always wanted to know their secret to long lasting scent that doesn't go away right after you shower. Of course, the longevity of the smell in your hair also depends on the type of hair you have. It appears that thicker hair naturally holds smells better, but thinner hair is more prone to losing its scent. However, no matter the type of hair you have, here are some tips to make your hair smell amazing all day long.

1 Change Your PillowCases Frequently

Oftentimes the reason why you might have a stale smell in your hair is because you aren't changing your pillowcases often enough. Especially in the cases when you wash your hair at night, you might lose the scent that lingers in your hair after you shower due to the fact that you spend the whole night rubbing against a not-so-fresh pillow. So make sure to wash your bedding regularly!

2 Clean out Your Hairbrush

Dirty hair brushes, headbands, scrunchies and head gear can also clash with the fresh scent of newly washed hair. So clean out your brushes and keep anything that comes in contact with your luscious locks clean! You can even spray your hairbrush with scented oil before each use to evenly infuse the hair with the smell.


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3 Invest in Quality Hair Oil

Speaking of oil, there are lots of great hair oils on the market that not only leave your hair smelling crazy good but also keep it hydrated and conditioned. They come in a variety of scents and a range of prices, so test them out to see what works best for your hair. Just remember that with hair oil, a little bit goes a long way!

4 Find a Shampoo and Conditioner with a Strong Scent

There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners that target different problems regarding the hair and the scalp, but what also sets them apart is how much of the lingering fragrance they leave behind. Some scents of shampoos and conditioners get washed away with the products, but others remain in your hair for quite some time. It's just a matter of finding what is right for you!

5 Purchase a Hair Perfume

Some people spritz perfume into their hair before going out and while it may be an effective way to keep your hair smelling good, there are lots of harmful chemicals in general perfumes that might damage your hair. So as an alternative, try out hair perfumes that were specifically made for your locks!

6 Practice Good Hygiene

In the end, no product is going to keep your hair smelling fresh if it hasn't been washed when supposed to. I don't recommend washing your hair every day as it can become brittle and dry, but it's important to wash it out after an intense workout or a really hot day outside!

7 Use Scented Dry Shampoo

And on those days when your hair doesn't really need a wash but just a little maintenance, spray dry shampoo on your roots, especially at the front and the crown area where oil collects the most. This will get rid of the extra oil, freshen up your hair and it keep it smelling good all day long!

There is nothing more attractive than luscious locks that not only look good but also smell good. Hopefully these tips help you achieve both!

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