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7 Perfectly Simple Tricks for Girls Struggling to Keep Their Hair in Place ...

By Eliza

There’s nothing worse than getting your hair looking fabulous only to have it falling out just a short time later. It makes you mad, doesn’t it? If you’re going to put all that effort into a fabulous style, you want it to last all day. Turns out there are some simple things you can do to make sure that your gorgeous ‘do stays that way all day long. Mix and match these techniques to find out what works best for you. Good luck!

1 Use a Light Weight Hairspray

I’m not talking about the Aqau Net from the 80s. That stuff could anything in place for a lifetime. Now there are tons of great hairsprays that bind hair together so it stays where you want it, but without that dreaded crispy look and feel. You want a medium hold, flexible spray that isn’t too wimpy to last all day, but isn’t so strong that it could last forever. Experiment with products to find the one you love best.

2 Tease Your Hair at the Roots

Not only will teasing your hair at the roots give you loads of great volume, but it also adds some texture to your hair, which helps it stay where you want it to. Experts say to wet your hair, massage in a bit of mousse, then tease it at the roots. Blow dry as usual and the combination of mousse and the teasing will help hold an updo all day long.

Kristin is a recipe for breakage. Never EVER tease wet, da...

3 Try Put Some Cute Accessories in Your Hair

I have the most trouble keeping the hair around my face where it needs to be. That’s why I keep a bunch of bobby pins and cute barrettes on hand. When things aren’t doing what you want them to do, use some adorable hair accessories and the problem will just be part of your style. Headbands and clips also work well and can give your look some pizzazz with ease.

4 Make Sure You Work Your Products into Your Hair Really Well

Whether you use mousse, curl cream or some other styling product, make sure you are working through your strands really well so that your entire head gets some. Experts suggest applying product to damp or wet hair so it adheres better. Use your fingers to make sure you get even amounts of product at the roots all the way down to the tips.

5 Try a Blast of Cold Air to Set Your Look

Whether you want your updo or a down and loose style to stay in place, use the cold setting on your blow dryer to set your hair. Use the warm setting to get your strands dry and help you get your look. Once it’s finished, blast it with a couple shots of cold air, which helps hold your hair in place.

6 Blow Dry, Comb and Brush Your Hair in the Direction You Want It Stay

If your hair tends to frizz out or fall down, try styling it in the direction you want to go. That includes when you dry your hair, comb it or brush it. This way, you “train” your locks to fall where you want them, which makes it infinitely easier to make them stay where they need to be.

7 Try Something Entirely New

Can’t get a certain look to stay put? Quit wasting your time and try something else. All styles don’t work on all hair types or lengths so you might be trying to get your hair to do something that goes against its nature. Experiment with other cute styles and you’re bound to find something that stays put and that you love.

Do you have any other tips for helping hair stay in place? What product suggestions do you have?

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