The Secrets πŸ”“ to Finding out if Bangs Are for You πŸ€” ...

We've all gone through the 'Should I/shouldn't I' dilemma when it comes to thinking about having bangs. After all, you can't easily change your mind and get rid of them! Bangs can look very stylish though and break up your face if you have a broad forehead. So before you take the plunge, how can you be sure bangs will work for you …?

1. Try Clip in Bangs

Clip in bangs are a great way to test out bangs if you want to live with the look for a while before committing yourself to the real thing. They're also ideal if you like to swap from one look to the other; you can have bangs one day and go without the day after. If you're going to wear them a lot, be sure to pick a shade that closely matches your own.