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The Secrets to Finding out if Bangs Are for You ...

By Alison

We've all gone through the 'Should I/shouldn't I' dilemma when it comes to thinking about having bangs. After all, you can't easily change your mind and get rid of them! Bangs can look very stylish though and break up your face if you have a broad forehead. So before you take the plunge, how can you be sure bangs will work for you …?

1 Try Clip in Bangs

hair, black hair, person, photography, beauty,Clip in bangs are a great way to test out bangs if you want to live with the look for a while before committing yourself to the real thing. They're also ideal if you like to swap from one look to the other; you can have bangs one day and go without the day after. If you're going to wear them a lot, be sure to pick a shade that closely matches your own.

2 Fake Them with Your Hair

hair, black hair, face, clothing, person,If your hair is long enough you can also fake bangs with your own hair. You'll need some clips to fix your fake bangs in place. Hold your hair across your forehead until it reaches the length you'd like your bangs, then clip. This should give you an idea of how you'd look with bangs cut in.


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3 Have a Virtual Makeover

human action, facial expression, person, blue, black,With a virtual makeover tool you can try out every different type of bangs with no commitment. Simply take a photo of yourself with your hair tied back and upload it to a site like You'll easily be able to see whether bangs look awful on you, or if side bangs look great while straight bangs really aren't you.

4 Your Face Shape

hair, human hair color, black hair, face, clothing,The shape of your face can also indicate whether bangs could suit you. If you have a round face, sorry - they don't generally look too flattering on round, full faces. You should also avoid them if you suffer breakouts on your forehead; the oil from your hair will be bad news for your skin.

5 What Looks Good on a Celebrity May Not Look Good on You

hair, human hair color, face, clothing, blond,Yep, we've all gone into a hair salon brandishing a picture of a celebrity and expecting to walk out of there looking every bit as good. But what looks gorgeous on a celeb may not be the right cut for you. So if you want bangs because they look so adorable on Zooey Deschanel or Taylor Swift, check that they work with your face and hair type before going for the chop.

6 Maintenance

hair, black hair, face, clothing, hairstyle,Don't forget that bangs do require maintenance to keep them in shape. You'll probably need to get them trimmed in between cuts to keep them looking good. If you're brave you can trim them yourself (I used to trim mine), but do get a decent pair of hairdressing scissors and only cut if you have a steady hand!

7 If You Have Any Doubts …

hair, black hair, face, person, nose,… then don't have bangs cut. Just don't. If you hate them it'll take a long time to grow them out - and growing out bangs is one of the biggest hair pains there is. It drives you mad! Try the clip-in option instead, or go for a side parting that you can pin in place
and give the illusion of bangs.

Bangs can look fantastic, but given that you can't get rid of them quickly you need to be sure that they're right for you. So take your time to decide; never go for the chop on a whim!

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