Why You Won't Regret Cutting Your Hair Short ...


Deciding whether or not to go for the chop can be difficult. You don't want to make a mistake and then spend ages waiting for your hair to grow back to the same length! But cutting your hair short can be the most liberating experience and leave you feeling delighted with your brand new look. So to help you resolve your doubts, here is why you won't regret cutting your hair short …

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You Can Wash & Go

You Can Wash & Go Short hair is just so easy to look after. You wash it, use a little product if you want, and it's dry in no time. So quick and easy! The only drawback is that you will need to get your hair cut frequently to keep it in shape; leave it longer than 6 weeks and your cut will get out of shape.


It's so Flattering if You're Short

It's so Flattering if You're Short I've just had my hair cut from a shapeless bob to a more layered cut and I love it. Going just 1.5 inches shorter has made such a difference. I've realised that short hair suits my small frame and makes me look much more in proportion. And you don't have to be short to suit short hair - if you've got the right face shape it can look stunning.


It's Different

It's Different Every other girl seems to have long hair these days, and many of those are wearing extensions. So if you go for a short cut you are really going to stand out. Think of celebs that have cut their hair short, such as Kaley Cuoco, Michelle Williams and Halle Berry - they all looked (even more) amazing when they made that change. And for Emma Watson, going for a pixie cut marked her transformation from Hermione to grown-up actress.


It's Dramatic

It's Dramatic You don't need to have long waves or abundant curls for your haircut to make an impression - the right short cut can grab just as much attention. Going from long to short can be so dramatic that it makes you feel and look like a completely different woman. You'll feel fantastic!


It Shows Confidence

It Shows Confidence Cutting your hair short can be so empowering; it's saying that you don't care about traditional femininity and don't need long hair to feel attractive. Too many women hide behind their hair because they lack self-confidence; women with short hair are confident enough to be different and do what they want to do.


It Feels so Much Lighter

It Feels so Much Lighter If you live in a warm climate, hair can be an encumbrance. It makes your face feel sweaty and feels like it's dragging your head down. So when you cut your hair short, it feels amazingly liberating, and like you've lost so much weight. Hair is heavier than you'd think!


It Showcases Your Face

It Showcases Your Face Shorter hair shows off your face and can make you look completely different. Suddenly your cheekbones are on display and your eyes are shown off. Shorter cuts frame your face better than long strands of hair do. It can also take years off your face and make you look so much younger!

If you really have doubts about whether or not to go for the chop, then it isn't the right step for you - not yet, anyway. But if you've always wondered what you'd look like with shorter hair, then go for it!

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I don't feel I look good with short hair. I have a square face and am much more comfortable with long hair.

doesn't look good on me at all!

You feel so free ! My hair was long ( it touched my tights !) I cut it all of it; my hair is very thick so this is a bit hard to style it but I am still happy !

Looks good on them but not for me

I will try it some time,

i cut my hair into a bob nd i guess it was cute but it wasnt right for me so im growing it out it used to be to my butt. almost there already!

I love my short hair...

And what are the reasons why I would regret it?

I envy women who can actually pull of this look

I could NEVER cut my hair. it's down to my hips and I would DIE without it

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