7 Unhealthy Hair Habits You Can't Continue Anymore ...

By Alicia

7 Unhealthy Hair Habits You Can't Continue Anymore ...

All of us want to have lovely locks but we could be sabotaging them by having unhealthy hair habits. In order to have the best hair, you have to take care of it in specific ways. These’re some unhealthy hair habits you may have. The good thing about realizing you have them is that you can work on breaking them and go forward taking better care of your hair.

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1 Brushing Wet Hair

Unhealthy hair habit number one is brushing wet hair. Brushing isn’t healthy for wet hair. It’s much more likely to cause hair breakage. Instead, choose a wide-toothed comb for your wet hair. The only exceptions are brushes that’ve been specifically designed for use on wet hair. Another wet hair tip is to start detangling at the bottom and work your way up to work tangles out more easily.

2 Skipping out on Deep Conditioner

If you’re skipping deep conditioner then you’re robbing your hair of some important benefits. Deep conditioners are formulated to replenish and restore. They’re good for your hair and you’ll immediately notice a difference in how it looks and feels. If you have time, allow your deep conditioner to soak into your hair for 20 minutes while being wrapped in a warm, damp towel. If you’re pressed for time, apply it in the shower in place of your regular conditioner. Even a short deep conditioning session is better than none at all.

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3 Committing Product Overload

Let’s just admit it. We can get a little product happy in today’s hair culture. It’s difficult not to with so many tempting hair products on the market. We want to experiment and try new things. But too many hair products can dry your hair out or even weigh it down making it difficult to hold a style. Decide what hair products you truly need and skip the rest.

4 Using Hair Tools on Higher Temps than Necessary

Most of us are guilty of this at least some of the time. I’m careful with the temperature settings I choose on my curling iron and flat iron but I’m guilty of blasting my blow dryer on the highest heat setting because I’m so impatient. So I’ve got some unhealthy hair habits to break, too! Heat damages your hair, plain and simple. Dialing back the heat on all your heat styling appliances can make a huge difference in the health of your hair.

5 Coloring Too Often

Coloring your hair too often can cause damage to it. It’s a chemical process that’s bound to affect your hair, at least to some extent. Don’t schedule your appointments any closer than every 6 weeks. I actually try to stretch mine out to every 8-10 weeks. A lot of how far you can go depends on how fast your hair grows and how visible your roots are.

6 Using Non-coated Rubber Bands

This’s beyond being just an unhealthy hair habit. It could be considered a hair sin for how damaging it is to your hair. Non-coated rubber bands are the enemy of healthy hair. They snap and break hair more than we realize. Always use a coated rubber band to protect your hair from damage.

7 Treating Your Hair Roughly

Lastly, it’s important that you treat your hair gently. Avoid being rough when you style your hair. It’s also not a good idea to twist your hair or play with it when you’re bored. Wearing ponytails too often can be bad for your hair too, even when you’re using the correct type of rubber band. Try to wear your hair down and free of accessories at least half the time.

These’re 7 unhealthy hair habits. What’s your worst hair habit? It’s confession time!

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I use hot tools curling iron on the hottest setting. And I use my iron 5 days a week... It takes a toll on my hair. I just cut off 3 inches of dead fried hair. It used to be ombred too!

KADIJAA, so do I :)


Trying many products at the same time or day after day, really made my hair so so so dry and breaking so badly :S ,and I cut of my hair and its not yet soft like before , I'm trying my best to make my hair restore its moisture again. So takecare about trying different products on ur hair.

I straighten my hair too often and I don't brush it for long periods of time. Also, I like to brush it while it is wet.

For someone with curly/wavy hair, I need to brish it when its damp. Its the number 1 rule

The tangle teezer (however you spell it) is the best thing I have eve found for wet hair and macadamia spray. Another bad one is cheap kirby grips they can also break your hair.

@Karlita Smith that’s true bc I have kinky hair and if I comb it out dry then my hair can break easily

My one friend told me that I use too much conditioner and mousse in my hair. My hair is curly and super thick, so there is no such thing as using too much product for me. I need a lot of conditioner to keep it soft and is rather use mousse than hairspray. But I never brush my hair when it's wet. I always use a comb when I get out of the shower. The only time my hair got really messed up was when I had mahogany and platinum highlights put in it. The girl used ash hair dye and it made my hair fall out. It took me months to get it back to normal.

Invisbobbles are great, I have super long hair and they cause no damage at all, only downside is they don't last too long with my hair they really stretch after a while

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