7 Rules of Hair Salon Etiquette Every Girl Must Know ...


7 Rules of Hair Salon Etiquette Every Girl Must Know ...
7 Rules of Hair Salon Etiquette Every Girl Must Know ...

Hair salon etiquette is something we don’t give a lot of thought to. But it’s an important subject. Most of us have hairdressers we love and want to keep. Knowing the ins and outs of hair salon etiquette can help to make sure that we continue having a great relationship with this very important person in our life.

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Explain Everything You Need Done when You Make the Appointment

mouth, sense, singer, shade, this, Your hairdresser needs to know exactly what services you’re coming in for. They need to know how much time to allow. If you say you need a trim when you make the appointment then show up wanting a cut and color then you’re going to throw their schedule off, if they can even accommodate you. They aren’t going to appreciate being put in that position. Make sure you completely explain what you want when you make your appointment.


Be on Time for Your Appointment

SorryI'm, late., Everybody, out, therewas, Your hairdresser’s time is valuable. In fact, their time is money. Be on time for your appointment. We all run a few minutes late sometimes. In that situation, give your hairdresser a call to let them know to make sure it isn’t going to be a problem. Let them decide if it’s best for you to come in or reschedule.


Use Your Phone with Consideration

person, singing, singer, profession, In today’s world, our phones are a part of us. We usually don’t have them out of reach. But you want to use it with consideration at a hair appointment. If your hairdresser is talking then respect them and put your phone down. If you’re sitting under the dryer waiting for your hair to do it’s thing then feel free to surf away.


Realize Some Things Really Are TMI

hair, hairstyle, braid, UHBIR, CON, Your hairdresser is someone you can develop a great rapport with. It’s fine to share some personal things if you feel comfortable doing so and they’re open to that. But know when enough’s enough. It’s okay to share about work stress or a fight with your friend but save things like the details of your yeast infection for your doctor. There really is such a thing as TMI.


Ask if It’s Okay to Have a Beverage While Your Hair is Being Done

person, screenshot, interaction, need, coffee, Many of us keep a beverage closeby. We take it wherever we go and that’s okay. But it’s a good idea to ask if it’s alright at the hair salon. Most hairdressers won’t have a problem with you sipping a latte while they’re coloring your hair. Just be careful no stray hairs end up in your drink!


Be Honest about Your Satisfaction

hair, image, person, nose, head, We tend to not think about this at all when it comes to hair salon etiquette. Be honest about your satisfaction, even if you’re dissatisfied. The last thing a hairdresser wants is for a client to leave unhappy. If you tell them then there’s a good chance they can do something to help you feel more satisfied. This not only helps you love your hair but keeps your relationship strong with your hairdresser.


Include a Tip with Payment

face, pink, photography, beauty, skin, You always want to include a tip with your payment. A tip says that you’re satisfied with the hairdresser’s work. It’s a nice way to express your gratitude. However, if the hair appointment didn’t go in the direction you wanted and your hairdresser isn’t willing to work with you to fix that then you absolutely don’t have to tip. A tip is not only for good service but for good manners, too.

These’re some helpful hints when it comes to hair salon etiquette. Which of these are helpful to you? What other rules of hair salon etiquette do you try to follow?

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It's expensive enough as it is. I never knew I needed to tip my hairdresser! Lol

Definitely tip your hairdresser if she/he does a good job. @Tinamarie, I sure wouldn't have given her 20% for being 20 minutes late! If she apologized like crazy and busted her butt on your hair then ok to 20%. But I'd be a bit aggravated!

Come on time for you appointment. They have a number of clients lines up.

I don't really care to chat with my hairdresser. Do they just feel the need to start a conversation with you? I always wondered if they're told to do that or it's just who they are.

My stylist is always running behind...drives me nuts coz I'm always early~any ideas of what I cud say to her? Do I still tip her even tho she owns the salon???

I think the tipping depends on what country and its customs you live in. I live in Australia and very rarely do you tip, you don't even have to tip in restaurants unless you're extremely happy with the service and feel compelled to tip, and even then you wouldn't tip much more than 5% - 10% (this is due to different customs, and economic and financial systems)

My mother was a hairdresser and I was raised that you don't tip the owner. Now I've had a great hairdresser who was a salon owner who has comped me tons of blow outs and done wonders in my life, and I tip her all the time. I think it depends on situation

I love my hairdresser!! Been together goin on 8 years and i would and have followed her anywhere!! Always always follow these rules!! I appreciate her beyond words!! So look forward to my hair appts!! Its like having lunch with a great friend!!

Hair salons can be irritating. They never do my hair as i want to so a blow dry is fine by moi!

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