How to Refresh Your Hair after a Sweaty Workout ...


Getting in a great workout feels great, but it can leave your hair damp, sweaty and maybe a little stinky. There are several things you can do to get around this problem so that you can go back to the office smelling fresh and clean. You can try just one or all of them, but each of these easy tips will have your hair refreshed with very little time and effort. Check it out!

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Hop in the Shower if You Have the Time

If you have enough time to get a quick shower, that’s the easiest and best way to refresh your hair after you get all hot and sweaty. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and then condition. Once you get out of the shower, dry your hair or style it in a way that allows it to air dry. Fresh and looking good!


Use a Dry Shampoo with a Pleasing Scent

If you don’t have time for the shower, simply spritz your strands with dry shampoo. The product will soak up the oil and sweat and refresh your hair. Choose dry shampoo that has a clean, fresh scent so that even if you can’t take a shower, your hair will smell delicious.


Dab Some Tea Tree Oil on Your Scalp

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal, which makes it a prime choice for eliminating odor and stinkiness from your head after a workout. You can’t use it on its own, but if you combine it with a carrier oil, such as aloe oil, you can put a few drops on your scalp to refresh things after your run or bike ride.


Apply Witch Hazel with a Cotton Ball

Witch hazel will help control the bacteria that causes your sweaty hair to smell bad and will totally refresh your strands after your workout. Use a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel all along your scalp and through your strands. Use just a small amount so you don’t smell too strongly. You’ll notice a fresh smell and feeling in your hair in no time.


Use Some May Chang Oil

This kind of oil is perfect for after a workout. It will help give your hair a clean smell, but it also has cleaning properties that help get rid of gunk and grime. Experts recommend placing two drops in a squirt bottle of water and spritzing it lightly on your hair after your exercise session is over.


Just Blast Your Locks with a Blow Dryer

If you don’t have time for a bunch of refreshing, simply blast your hair with a blow dryer. Once your sweat dries, the odor is less noticeable and your hair is dry and ready for restyling before you finish your day. Toss a mini blow dryer in your gym bag or use the hand dryer in the bathroom if all else fails.


Go with Some Body Spray and You’re Good to Go

Here’s a trick I love. Carry some body spray with you to the gym and all you need is a couple spritzes of it to refresh your hair and body. Choose a body spray with a refreshing scent like grapefruit or lime and you’ll turn some heads even if you just finished getting all sweaty.

Does your hair get sweaty during a workout? What do you to refresh it when you’re finished?

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sunlight 🌻

Baby powder to soak up oil and then take your blow dryer set it to cool and bam! Looks better already. :)

The first one says "Shower if you have time".

How about showering? Is this a real list?

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