Women with Natural Hair Should Avoid These Straightening Mistakes ...


Women with Natural Hair Should Avoid These Straightening Mistakes ...
Women with Natural Hair Should Avoid These Straightening Mistakes ...

Natural hair is lovely, but it requires special care. If you regularly straighten your hair, there are some mistakes you need to avoid making to ensure that your hair is healthy and that it looks the way you want it to. Ready to get gorgeous straight hair without damaging it? Read on for the tips that can help you do it just right.

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You Aren’t Rinsing Your Conditioner out Well Enough

If you see smoke when you apply the straightener to your hair, you probably aren’t rinsing the conditioner from your hair adequately enough. You could also be using too much conditioner. Try cutting back just a little bit on how much you use and make sure you rinse very well with warm water after you apply the conditioner.


You Straighten Sections That Are Too Large

When you straighten natural hair, it’s important to work in sections. However, if your sections are too large, it can interfere with the stick straight look you want. Work in small sections, keeping the others clipped out of the way and you’ll get your hair straight all over without a ton of extra work.


Not Attaching the Comb to Your Blow Dryer

The comb attachment that came with your blow dryer is ideal for helping straighten your hair. As you comb through your strands, the air can get all the way through your natural hair because the tines of the comb separate your strands so that the air can reach all the surfaces, which will result in a straight look without a ton of frustration.


Blow Drying in the Wrong Direction

According to experts, it’s best to blow dry natural hair up and back on the top of your head, which ensures plenty of volume without having to worry about damage to your hair. When you get to the sides and back of your head, blow dry the hair in a downward motion. This technique will get you the gorgeous look you crave.


Using a Straightener without Temperature Control

If your straightening iron only has one temperature, it’s time to invest in a new one. You want a straightener that you can adjust. The thin, fine hairs at the front of your head don’t need as much heat to get straight. However, the thicker hair on other parts of your head might need a higher temp to get them straight. An adjustable straightener is definitely the way to go.


You Apply Too Much Product

Natural hair will respond to a variety of products, but you don’t want to use a heavy hand. Too much can leave your strands looking greasy and oily rather than sleek and smooth. Start with a small amount of product and if it isn’t doing the trick, use just a small bit more until you find the right balance.


You Don’t Use Dry Shampoo

Dry hair is much easier to straighten than damp hair. Instead of washing it all the time, consider using dry shampoo from time to time to extend the life of your style so you don’t have to heat style so often that you risk damaging your hair. Dry shampoo helps soak up the grease and built up product in your hair so you never want to get caught without it.

How do you straighten your natural hair? Do any of these tips make it easier for you?

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All the tips here are good. But you don't need to apply dry shampoo at all!!!

1. I actually recommend rinsing with cold water to seal the pores & cuticles.3. I threw that thing away. LOL. The combs that come with the blow dryers are almost like rattail combs which are bad to use on ethnic hair except for when styling (separating).  4. I've got plenty of volume no matter what. (Good genes!)7. I think most Black people don't wash their hair every day so this shouldn't be an issue. Dry shampoo is a staple in ethnic hair stores. It's all we can do when we have twists and extensions braided in. Well, it's not all we can do but it's a lot easier. Ditto about 2 & 5. Watch the boiling point of the oils you put in your hair and use a flat iron with temperature control so you can know whether or not the heat is too much. Heat damage is irreversable no matter how sweet you try to make straightening sound, but at least make sure it's under 420*. Most peoples' hair is damaged though so no one should be anywhere near that. At least people with natural hair. 

Before straightening my natural hair I deep condition . I rinse my hair then finger section my hair and put coconut oil all throughout my hair. I let it sit for an hour with a plastic cap over my head. I then rinse it out and shampoo and condition my hair . I use a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair with the conditioner and then rinse. I use a comb on my blower dryer to blow dry my hair and then flat iron my hair in small sections.

Funny , I just straightened my hair today, and was wondering why it wasn't straight

What do you mean by "natural hair" ??

My hair is always so fluffy tho

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