Should You Ask for a Dry Cut at the Salon?


If you aren’t always entirely happy with your cut at the salon, maybe it’s time to ask for something different. Dry cuts are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s why:

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Great for Wavy and Curly Hair

One of the best reasons to get a dry cut, especially if you hair can be a bit unruly, kinky and curly, is that having the hairdresser chop and shape your hair while it is in it naturally dry state means they will be able to see and assess exactly where all your temperamental ringlets are. If you have it cut when it is wet and flat, the end shape of the new style might end up not suiting the natural way that your curly hair falls and rests.


Much Faster

If you are in something of a hurry and have booked your hair appointment at the last minute before a date or a big event, then a dry cut is the perfect solution for you as it can take up to 50% less time than a full wash and dry treatment. Why bother going to the salon to waste time having your hair shampooed when you can do it just as easily at home and with your own favorite products? It’s a no brainer!


More Gentle for Fragile Hair

If your hair, like so many other people’s hair, is prone to becoming more fragile and elastic when wet, then getting the washing stage over and done with personally at home might save a lot of hassle at the salon with a hairdresser who might be a bit more aggressive with their technique. You will definitely shed less strands at the salon if you only go in for a dry cut, and doing this can save a lot of worry for those of us with thinning and breakable hair.

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Less Surprises

To the untrained eye, it can be very difficult to try to imagine your new haircut while it is being created with a head full of wet, straight hair. If you don’t want there to be any unpleasant surprises during your trip to the salon, then opt for a dry cu. You will be able to see much more clearly how things are progressing, meaning that you can stop the hairdresser and ask questions if you start to notice anything that you don’t like!


More Precise

Even if you have the most talented hairdresser in the world, there is always the potential for a slip up or loss of vision with a wet cut. The chances of this are greatly reduced with a dry cut where you can envision the style straight away, and it’s much easier to get a precise cut when the hair being cut is dry.


More Tailored and Specific to You

Without meaning to, many stylists, when working with stereotypical wet hair, will often revert to the mechanical tried and tested ways of cutting that they learned at beauty school. It’s harder to this when your hair is dry, as they will be able to notice the specific fall and quirks of your own hair in a more realistic light, meaning that they can make the cut more tailored to you.


Nothing to Lose!

Quite simply, you should try a dry cut sometime just because you can! It’s fun to try new things out at the salon and if you have only ever paid for the usual wash, cut and dry then why not broaden your horizons and try it out. You may find that you enjoy the results much more.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has had a dry cut. My hair is two different animals when dry and wet and I wonder if it is worth giving a dry cut a try.

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90% of the time is dry cut for me, and always come out happy with it

I had my 1st dry cut and I loved it. But the stylist no longer works at the salon. So now do I call salons and ask if someone there is experienced with dry cuts?

I'm naturally curly and I ALWAYS get a dry cut with and go to the salon with no products in my hair!

Can someone please explain what a dry cut is...?

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