Non-Dye Ways to Add Color to Your Hair ...

Do you love the fabulous array of hair color trends? Yet you aren’t able to or can’t take the plunge and change your own color: you might be scared of the potential damage dying might do, or that you might hate it; you might work in an industry that frowns on “funny” colored hair; or your parents simply won’t allow it. Pout about it no more because there are ways to add color to your hair without dyeing it.

1. Clip-in Extensions

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One simple way to add color to your hair without using dye is to buy some clip-in extensions. They come in a wide range of colors, both natural looking and more adventurous, and they can give you a good idea of what your hair would look like if you wanted to do anything more permanent in the future. The best part of opting for clip-ins to begin with is that you can take them straight out if you don’t like the final results, so no having to wait around for dye to grow out etc.

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