Easy Hair Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Love ...


Easy Hair Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Love ...
Easy Hair Hacks All Lazy Girls Will Love ...

I have no qualms in admitting that I am the laziest lazy girl out there. So when l came across this video by "Fancy Hair", I did a little happy dance and knew I had to share it for the sake of lazy girls everywhere. Enjoy!

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Are You Too Lazy to Wash Your Greasy Hair?

Of course you could always use dry shampoo but if you don't have any, use coco powder instead. You could also use baby powder, cornstarch or even aloe vera gel.


DIY Hair Trim

Okay, I know trimming your own hair sounds scary but this one looks pretty easy.


And Another Way to Trim Your Hair

Definitely going to try this one!


Ponytail Curls

If you don't have the time or are simply too lazy to curl your hair the traditional way, put your hair up in a high ponytail and curl large sections. Quick and efficient!


Half Time Curls

To reduce the amount of time it takes to curl your hair, simply use large sections and a small curling iron (1/2 inch should be good). Hold each section for 10-15 seconds and release.


For That Beachy Texture

Mix 3 ounces of seltzer or sparkling water with one tsp of sea salt and 1 tsp of coconut oil in an empty spray bottle. Spritz and scrunch!


Bobby Pin It!

Do NOT underestimate the power of the humble bobby pin. Use different bobby pins to create statement hairstyles. It'll look like you put in a lot of effort when really you just used a bobby pin or two!


Braid Hack

This has to be the fastest faux braid out there!


30 Second Hairstyle

Tie a half up ponytail in your crown area. Take small sections from either side and pin them on the opposite side. to create a cool and super easy intertwined look.


So Many Bun Styles!

Are you ready for 16 different easy and quick bun styles? I know I am!

And finally...


Washing Your Hair

Even lazy girls have to wash their hair once in a while. But to make it faster and more efficient, shampoo just your roots and condition the rest of your hair at the same time! Leave for a couple of minutes and rinse.

Are you excited to try these hacks?

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My mind is blown. And She looked flawless the ENTIRE time. Wow.

V nice

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