How to Wear Pantone Color of the Year Serenity Blue in Your Hair ...


There are two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016. One is rose quartz and the other is serenity. As beautiful as its name suggests, serenity is a cool and tranquil shade of pale blue. It is described as “weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.” If you’ve already embraced the unnatural hair color trend or are ready for a change here’s serenity hair inspo that won’t leave you feeling blue.

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Serenity Blue in All Its Glory

Serenity Blue in All Its Glory Source: De hipste kleuren van 2015
Not sure what shade of blue serenity is? Here you go!


Multi-colored Blue

Multi-colored Blue Source: 17 Great Blue Hairstyles
Serenity is the perfect foil for other deeper shades of blue.


Beautiful Blue

Beautiful Blue Source: 27 Stunning Shades Of Blue
And it lends itself perfectly to beachy waves when you want to evoke the colors of a tropical lagoon.


Hi Ho Silver (and Blue)

Hi Ho Silver (and Blue) Source: Blue Ombre wig. Pastel silver
Serenity's pale coolness segues wonderfully into silver.


Sea Foam

Sea Foam Source: DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel
Are you thinking of white horses (wave crests) on the beach?


To the Edge

To the Edge Source: Bold but Wearable Hair Colors
The palest shade shown here is about as far you can push serenity before it becomes a different color.


Electric Blue

Electric Blue Source: colored hair
Even though described a cool and tranquil shade, it can still be electric.


Black and Blue

Black and Blue Source: 15 Dark Hair Colour Ideas!
Pale blue adds drama to black hair.


Pale to the Max

Pale to the Max Source: Esther Boutique
This is as far as you can push serenity to the pale edge.


Blue Hair

Blue Hair Source: Pins of the Day
Own it like a mermaid.


Blue Meets Punk

Blue Meets Punk Source:
For girls who like the edge


Blue Ombré

Blue Ombré Source: 19 Hair Colors You Must
The perfect shade for the tips of an ombré.


Blue Color Melt

Blue Color Melt Source: HOW TO: Old School Ombre
It so belongs in here - don't you agree?


Blue Dip-dye

Blue Dip-dye Source: Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To
this is one of my favorite effects.


Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Hair Source: short Tumblr
It's a shade that looks fabulous on all lengths. So ...


Blue Bob ...

Blue Bob ... Source: 7 Haircut Ideas for Your Next Beauty Appointment ... @Holly
... is a charm.


Cool Blue

Cool Blue Source: Tiffany Hair Dye TURQUOISE BEACHES
Serenity on its own is ... serene .. truly.


Lilac to Blue

Lilac to Blue Source: How To Dye Your Hair
Do you love this color graduation as much as I do?


Blue Roots

Blue Roots Source: 12 Ways to Change Up
Pair your Serenity-inspired locks with a rich hue in the same shade for double the impact.


Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Source: Swandive
Can hair give you wanderlust? I say yes!


Blue Drama

Blue Drama Source: Human Hair Extensions Human Hair
What is it about colored hair that adds drama to a hairstyle?


Stormy Blues

Stormy Blues Source: Hairfumes: 6 sweet-smelling sprays for
I am seriously loving serenity with black.


Brown to Blue

Brown to Blue Source: This Photo Series Shows The
The brown at the crown is my hair color. Should I go blue?


Through the Blues

Through the Blues Source: 16 Amazing Colored Hairstyles
Serenity through turquoise, through teal through indigo. Beautiful blues.


All the Blues

All the Blues Source: 20 Color Ideas for Short
Check out that palette!


Opal Hair

Opal Hair Source: HOW-TO: Opalescence - Opal Haircolor
You can't capture the flashes of opals without serenity.



Sleek Source:
A showcase of a stunning color.


Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty Source: Bombshells @clothesmindedx3
The more I see, the more my courage to go blue is building.


Blue Ombré

Blue Ombré Source: 29 Blue Hair Color Ideas
So pretty. Don't you think?


Split-Dyed Hair

Split-Dyed Hair Source: 28 Ladies Who Perfected Split-Dyed
I just had to include this because it has the two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016


Celebrity Inspo

Celebrity Inspo Source: 15 Epic Beauty Looks That
Gwen Stefani showcased blue hair styled in three mini top knots way back in the '90s

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Number 4 looks so pretty


Too beautiful. @ neecey with blue u think will suit African American

Great article! Loved seeing all the variations

I do love serenity with black!

Neecey yes! Go blue!! Blue looks so pretty with the brown & besides it's hair, it will grow out.

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