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There’s no denying that haircare isn’t always the cheapest thing in the world. Between cuts, colors and products, you may find yourself wishing you could win the lottery. The good news is that you can have lush, gorgeous hair without having to get a second job. Using these handy tips can help you save dollars without ever having to sacrifice your looks. I would never ask you to do that! I think you will love these as much as I do.

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Do It Yourself Instead of Paying Someone

If you just want a highlight touchup or need a quick bang trim, consider learning to do it yourself. This can save you hundreds and lets you get the job done anytime it needs to be done without having to wait for an appointment at the salon. I was so glad when I learned how to trim my bangs – it only takes a minute or two and I can do it just as well as the salon, which saves me some cash for something else. New purse, I’m looking at you.


Use Less of Your Products at a Time

If you’re anything like the average girl, you’re probably using way more product than you need. Go halfsies on your shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mousse or curl cream and you might be surprised at how your hair still looks, feels and styles the way you want it to, but cuts your trips to the store to restock in half. Not to mention saving you loads of dough.


Cut down on Electricity Usage

Electricity, whether you’re using it for your beauty routine or not costs you money. By slashing your usage, you can save some cash and it’s always great to see a smaller bill when you get the mail, right? Unplug your heat tools when you’re not using them, which is an effortless way to save some dollars. Try air drying your hair for a bit before turning on the blow dryer to save even more electricity.


Cut Coupons and Use Savings Apps

I know this takes a few minutes of your time and we are all in short supply of that. However, cutting coupons can save you a surprising amount of cash. The brand of shampoo and conditioner that I buy often has coupons in the paper that give me one bottle almost free when I buy two. Nothing better than that!


Invest in High Quality Hair Tools

Yes, this will cost you a little bit up front, but the quality means you won’t have to worry about broken or damaged hair tools soon after you buy them. Save the cash to invest in the good stuff and you’ll receive it back in dividends by finding yourself still using that fancy curling iron years and years down the road. It’s worth it. I promise!


Get the Big Stuff Done by the Pros

Sure a quick touchup to your color or a bang trim is an easy way to save some money and is something you are well equipped to do at home. However, it’s best to invest in getting the big stuff done by the pros. There is definitely a difference in the dye you buy at the drugstore and the stuff that a stylist uses. The latter will last longer and look better. Plus, if you attempt it yourself and screw it up, then you have to pay even more cash to get it fixed. Dye jobs and haircuts should be done at the salon.


Take Good Care of Your Hair

This means washing regularly, getting a trim every so often and being careful not to pull or damage your strands. By taking great care of your locks, you prevent the need to do repairs or buy fancy products to make it look better. You can do that, right?

How do you save money on haircare?

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I invest only in good quality hair tools and take care of my hair. I even cut my own hair saves $$

I'm allergic to the hair dye they bust at the salon. I can only use Herbatint. :'(

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