How to Get Rid of Your Bangs if You Have a Big Forehead ...


How to Get Rid of Your Bangs if You Have a Big Forehead ...
How to Get Rid of Your Bangs if You Have a Big Forehead ...

Giving up the bang isn’t impossible for girls that have a big forehead. It just takes a bit of careful consideration on how to pull it off. You should never feel like any hairstyle is off limits to you. Always make decisions based upon what makes you feel beautiful, not what popular opinion advises!

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Look to Celebs for Inspiration

If you’re feeling self conscious about getting rid of your bangs then look for some inspiration. There’re celebs with big foreheads that go bang-less. If they can get by with it then why can’t you? Chances are you didn’t noticee their forehead size until you look specifically at it. Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Rachel McAdams are three celebs with big foreheads that pull off the no bang look perfectly.


Experiment before You Make a Decision

If you’re still feeling unsure about getting rid of your bangs, experiment a little. Pin them back or to the side and see how you like the look. A headband can push them out of the way, too. Wear one of these styles a few days to give yourself a preview of the look you’ll have if you get rid of your bangs. This’s very helpful in visualizing your new look.


Minimize Your Forehead with Face Contouring

Contouring is a magical makeup technique. It can give the illusion of a different face shape or a slimmer face. You can also minimize your forehead with contouring. The basic technique you use to accomplish this is to apply contour along your hairline. This creates a shadow that makes your forehead look smaller. You can also use highlighting on your cheekbones to further increase this effect.


Change Your Part

Changing your part can help you pull off getting rid of bangs. This’s especially true if changing your part will allow your hair to fall around your face more freely. It creates a softness to balance out a big forehead. Play around with this to see what a difference this makes. You can even bring some of your hair forward then tuck it behind your ear, covering a portion of your forehead.


Pull Attention Away from Your Forehead with a Bold Lip

You can always use this trick. Wherever you place the most focus on with your makeup is what others will notice. Going for a bold lip will shift attention to your lips and away from your forehead. There’re lots of options for a bold lip. You can go for classic red, a bright fuchsia or a deep burgundy, to name a few.

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Remember It’s More Noticeable to You than Anyone else

We tend to forget that the things we consider imperfections are more noticeable to us than to others. If you think about it then you’ll realize it makes a lot of sense. You look at yourself more than anyone else does. And others have probably pointed out their imperfections that you never noticed before. That being said, don’t stress over something others probably don’t even see.


Be Bold & Be Confident

Going right along with the last point is this one. Be bold and be confident! Your hairstyle is all about you and the look you love. If you feel trendy and pretty then that’s what counts. If you feel confident then that’s how you’re going to come across to others and what they’re going to see when they look at you.

These are some tips to help you get rid of bangs if you have a big forehead. Are you ready to change your hairstyle? Your comments are always welcome!

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I hate my big forehead! I feel like no matter what I do I still don't look good! It's stressful lol

I finally like my bangs, why in the world wud someone go to all that effort over having a big forehead? Embrace your differences and your beauty

Bangs compliment big foreheads though?

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