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How to Wear Pantone Color of the Year Rose Quartz in Your Hair ...

By Neecey

There are, unusually, two pantone colors of the year. Both are pastels. One is serenity blue and the other is rose quartz. Both are beautiful. And both lend themselves to gorgeous hair. Our passion for colored hair is not yet waning so let’s see how stunning rose quartz hair is.

1 Pale Pastel

Pale PastelSource: Pastel Hair Color: 8 Pro
Could you wear hair as pretty as cotton candy?

2 Beachy Pink Waves

Beachy Pink WavesSource: 13 Photos That’ll Inspire You
Beautiful shades of pink might inspire you to ring the changes to your blonde hair.

3 More than a Hint of Rose

More than a Hint of RoseSource: 9 BBQ-Approved Hair Ideas
As gorgeous as a bed of roses.

4 The Bubblegum Treatment

The Bubblegum TreatmentSource: PINK LADIES
Wanna look badass?

5 Rose Gold

Rose GoldSource: Hair Color to Try: Rose
All that glisters is not gold, but it sure is shiny.

6 Pink Reverse Ombré

Pink Reverse OmbréSource: 21 Ombré Hair Colors To
A stunning light to dark waterfall of pink.

7 Pink Ombré

Pink OmbréSource: 60+ Awesome Ombré Hair Color
A gorgeous example of the usual dark to light graduation.

8 Carefree Pastels

Carefree PastelsSource: Orange Ombré Hair Dye JUICY
A mix of platinum and pink.

9 Dusky Rose Quartz

Dusky Rose QuartzSource: Tips for Choosing the Right
Rose quartz has a short spectrum but each shade is b-hue-tofu.

10 Subtle Pink Streaks

Subtle Pink StreaksSource: 15 Pretty Pastel Hairstyles to
You don't have to go pink all over to make a statement.

11 Julianne Hough

Julianne HoughSource: Coachella Style Watch: Julianne Hough
We've seen celebs embrace colored hair. JH was one of those who went pink.

12 Pastel Pink

Pastel PinkSource: Temporary Electric Ombré Hair Dye

13 Pastel with an Edge

Pastel with an EdgeSource: Temporary Electric Ombré Hair Dye
Seems girly and feminine at first glance, but the darker roots give it a tougher edge.

14 Rose Quartz at Dusk

Rose Quartz at DuskSource: 6 Easy Labor Day Hairstyles—No
If the sky were pink, this would be its color just as the sun goes down.

15 A Touch of Pink

A Touch of PinkSource: Smith & Davis Salon
A pop of color on the roots is a great way to try out the trend without committing to a full head of pink.

16 All Change

All ChangeSource: Human Hair Extensions Human Hair
Pink hair will light up your life

17 Dusty Pink Balayage

Dusty Pink BalayageSource: TRANSFORMATION: Low-Maintenance Dusty Pink Balayage
Combine the pantone color of the year with one of the hottest hair trends.

18 Think Pink

Rose quartz is perfect with other shades of pink.

19 Pastel Goth

Pastel GothSource: How to be Pastel Goth
Pink is the new black (for goths)

20 Rose Quartz and Rose Gold Highlights

Rose Quartz and Rose Gold HighlightsSource: Rose gold highlights blonde
If a hair color can be described as looking "expensive" - this is it.

21 Delicate Wedding Hair

Delicate Wedding HairSource: Luna Belle
Pink wedding anyone?

22 Dusty over Rich Pinks

Dusty over Rich PinksSource: Bold but Wearable Hair Colors
Pink with a hint of spice.

23 Caught Short

Caught ShortSource: Spring Hair Trends with Australian
Just as gorgeous on short hair as on long.

24 Red to Pink

Red to PinkSource: 40 Beautiful Ombre Hairstyles You
Rose quartz is the perfect end of a red ombré.

25 Rose-ombré

Rose-ombréSource: 20 Amazing Ombré Hair Colour
We’ve see pink at the roots, now see it at the tips.

26 Front Streaks

Front StreaksSource: Best Big Red Pink Ombré
Go bold but with minimalistic panache.

27 Hollywood Glam

Hollywood GlamSource: Solitaire-Solidaire — Aubrey Nelson instagram
Definitely red-carpet-worthy

28 Dip-dyed Pink

Dip-dyed PinkSource: 12 Blonde Hair with Red
Love the color without over-committing.

29 Pink and Blonde

Pink and BlondeSource: Community Post: 5 Stunning Highlights
I love this. Like a rainbow on mute.

30 Blonde Pink Ombré

Blonde Pink OmbréSource: Blonde Pink Ombré wig. Pastel
This is a wig. Perfect if you don't want permanent pink.

31 Pink at the Forefront

Pink at the ForefrontSource: 12 Reasons Rose Gold Is
Do an ombré effect just in the front.

32 Brown Hair with Pastel Pink Ombré Highlights

Brown Hair with Pastel Pink Ombré HighlightsSource: 20 Gorgeous Pastel Pink Hairstyles
Pink on brown looks terrific.

33 Blake Stole a March

Blake Stole a MarchSource: New Hair Trend: 10 Celebrites
It seems hair trendsetter Blake knew the beauty of rose quartz before pantone.

34 Long Bob

Long BobSource: 12 Gorgeous Pastel Hair Colors
Subtle beauty

35 Candy Pink Ombré

Candy Pink OmbréSource: 10 Tips to Keep Bight
"Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige! From now on girls... think pink! think pink! "

36 Afro Pink

Afro PinkSource: 27 Photos of the Overwhelming
There's a rose quartz for all skin tones.

37 Dip Dyed Blue and Pink Hair

Dip Dyed Blue and Pink HairSource: 32 Pastel Hairstyles Ideas You’ll
I mentioned at the beginning that there were two pantone colors that trending. Here's serenity blue and rose quartz combined.

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