7 Heatless Tricks for Curling Your Hair ...

Heat is so damaging to your hair, and a lot of people are starting to get sick of that. It’s draining to blow-dry, flatiron, and curl your hair every day, right ladies? If you’re starting to realize that the damage just isn’t worth it, just check out these hairstyle ideas. They’ve got you covered for every single day of the week. You’ll never need to heat style your hair again! Doesn’t the thought of that just sound amazing?

1. The Sock Bun Method

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If you like big, voluminous curls, the sock bun is the way to go. Roll your sock into a “donut” and then wrap your ponytail around the donut until it takes the shape of a bun. Sleep with it in your hair, or go about your day with it in your hair. When you take it out a few hours later, your hair will be perfectly curled and look like you just spent hours doing it!

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