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17 Tips and Tricks for Using Hair Rollers ...

By Eliza

Hair rollers are great because you can put them in and let them do their magic while you do other important things. There are rollers you can put in your wet hair at bedtime, which curl your hair as it dries. Or you can choose hot rollers that you wear for 10 to 15 minutes or so while the heat curls your strands. Whatever kind you like, here are some great tips for getting the most out of them.

1 Skip the Conditioner before Curling

Conditioner will make your hair super shiny and soft and that will make it hard for your hair to hold onto the rollers. Skip it if you plan to use rollers.

2 Velcro is Great for Smooth Hair

If your hair is stick straight, Velcro rollers are your best option. They will hold in your strands and won’t fall out like some other kids might.

3 Divide into Lots of Sections

The more rollers you put in your hair, the more curls you get. Create several small sections and use a roller to curl each one. If you have thick hair, you’ll need more rollers than if you have thin hair.

4 Vary the Size for a Natural Look

When you insert your rollers, vary the amount of hair just a bit to give you a more natural look. Trying to make each section the same size will backfire so don’t waste your time.

5 Choose Your Roller Size Carefully

Rollers come in sizes that vary from small to large. If you have long hair, use a variety of sizes for a natural look. If you have shorter hair, you probably need smaller rollers. Leave the larger ones for longer hair.

6 Spritz on Volumizing Spray before the Rollers Go in

Before you put your rollers in, add a dash of volumizing spray to your strands beforehand. When you take them out, you’ll have a fantastic full look that will get you loads of compliments.

7 Roll Your Hair Tightly around the Rollers

Hair rollers won’t stay in that great if your hair is too loosely wrapped around them. Make sure you wrap the hair securely around each roller and use the accompanying clip to keep the roller in place.

8 Heated Rollers Must Cool Completely

If you use hot rollers, they must cool completely before you take them out. If you remove them too soon, you’ll get limp curls that probably won’t last long. Give them some time to work before pulling them out.

9 Use Tissues to Protect Your Skin

I hate when one of my hot rollers sits against my ear or my neck, burning my skin. Stuff a tissue in between your skin and the roller to keep things from getting too hot.

10 Put Overnight Rollers in Damp Hair

If you prefer foam rollers that you wear overnight, don’t put them in sopping wet hair. Give your strands a chance to dry a bit or your hair will still be wet in the morning.

11 Wear a Bandana While You Sleep

If you wear your rollers to bed, tie a soft bandana over your curlers to help make you more comfortable while you sleep and to keep them from falling out.

12 Remove from the Bottom up

When it’s time to remove your rollers, start at the bottom and work your way up to prevent tangles.

13 Only Finger Comb Curls

Once your curls are finished, you only want to comb them with your fingers or you’ll just have a frizzy mess to deal with.

14 Give Your Curls a Quick Shake when the Rollers Come out

When I remove my rollers, I flip me hair over, then back. This helps separate the curls a little and give you a full, lustrous look.

15 Use Hairspray to Hold Your Curls

Hairspray will help keep your curls in place all day long. Just a couple spritzes are all you need.

16 Use Rollers Only Where You Need Them

If you just want curls at the end of your hair, only put rollers there. If you want lift at the top, place large rollers at the crown of your head.

17 Keep Your Rollers Clean

Clean your rollers often so that they don’t leave behind gunk and grime in your hands.

What other tips can you add for using rollers?

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