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How to Create a Flawless Half Bun ...

By Eliza

As if a bun wasn’t cute enough, now the half bun is trending in a big way. The half bun allows you to do a half up and half down look while also having your hair out of your face. If you’ve never worn a half bun, now is the time to give it a try. It’s a super sophisticated look that you can wear to work or anywhere you go on your days off. Here’s how to get a flawless half bun without committing very much time or effort.

1 Start by Separating Your Hair in Half from the Top

Separate your hair by combing the top half upward, creating an even part so that your finished bun isn’t messy. Use a fine tooth comb to help you get this done, otherwise it will be hard to get your part to do what you want it to do. You can clip the bottom half of your hair down so it stays out of the way if you want to.

2 Secure the Top Half of Your Hair with an Elastic

Now, you’re going to secure the top half of your hair with an elastic. You want one that is thin and that is a similar color to your hair so that it blends when you finish your bun. If you have thinner hair, use a small elastic so that you don’t have to twist it around too many times.


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3 Give the Half Ponytail a Little Bit of Teasing to Plump up Your Bun

You can really give your bun some oomph and volume by teasing it a little bit before you finish. You don’t want to tease too much or you’ll wind up with a big blob of messy hair at the back of your head. Just a bit of teasing goes a long way and gets the job done. Use a comb or your fingers to do this.

4 Wrap the Ponytail around the Elastic

Gently twist the ponytail around the elastic, completely covering it up and creating your bun. I like to do this with my fingers, but you can use a small comb if it helps keep the hairs where you want them. If you have layered hair, expect shorter layers to pop out a little bit. Don’t worry about this right now because you can fix it in the end.

5 Secure Your Bun with a Really Cute Accessory

Now you can secure your bun so it stays in place. I typically use bobby pins because they blend with my hair. This is a perfect idea for your office look. However, if you’re having lunch with the girls or heading to the movies with your boyfriend, you can secure your half bun with a fun silk flower or sparkly clip.

6 Make Adjustments to the Bun and the Hair That’s down

Now you can plump your bun and smooth flyaways. Do this with your fingers so you have control over it. Trying to do this a comb or brush might leave you with a mistake so that you have to start over. Trust me – I’ve done this a bunch of times. Smooth the hair that’s down as well so that your entire look is polished and gorgeous.

7 Apply Your Product to Hold Your Hair in Place

Now that you have your half bun completed, go ahead and spritz it with hair spray or add a bit of mousse to keep it in place for the whole day. Whatever product you usually use is just fine for a half bun.

Have you ever done a half bun? What other tips for getting it just right can you share?

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