Genius Tips for Girls Who Don't Know How to Style Their Bangs ...


Genius Tips for Girls Who Don't Know How to Style Their Bangs ...
Genius Tips for Girls Who Don't Know How to Style Their Bangs ...

Having bangs is a great way to look trendy and enhance your face shape. But caring for them isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Knowing some tips for having the best bangs around can really help you get them styled in the morning. To save you the time and trouble, I’ve gathered the best bang tips around and I’ll share them here with you. So don’t be afraid to have some bangs cut next time you go to the salon. You’ll know how to make them look just right.

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Blow Dry Your Bangs Right Away

hair, hairstyle, person, black hair, human hair color, The drier you let your bangs get, the more work you’re going to have to do to whip them into shape. Hair stylists recommend blow drying them as soon as you finish washing so that you can get them styled faster. If your hair is already dry, wet your bangs and then blow dry them. You’ll love all the time you save and how easy it is to get gorgeous bangs.



Blow drying your bangs right after washing them not only saves time, but it also helps to set them in the desired style. This is especially important for those with curly or unruly hair, as blow drying can help to smooth out any frizziness or kinks. Additionally, using a round brush while blow drying can add volume and shape to your bangs. It's also recommended to use a heat protectant spray before blow drying to prevent damage to your hair. By blow drying your bangs right away, you can achieve a sleek and polished look without spending too much time on styling.


Blow Dry the opposite Way of How You Want Your Bangs to Lay

hair, hairstyle, brown, bangs, layered hair, It might sound like it won’t look right, but if you dry in the opposite direction, you get a lot more volume in your bangs so they look great instead of limp and lifeless. So if you want your bangs to lie to the left, blow dry them to the right. If you want them lying down on your forehead, blow dry them back.


This method adds the perfect amount of bounce and shape, making your bangs look fresh and professional. Start with slightly damp bangs and use a round brush while blow-drying. By pulling your bangs in the opposite direction, you’re instilling a natural curve that frames your face beautifully when flipped back. Remember to keep the dryer at a distance to prevent heat damage and use a cool shot of air to set the style. Voilà! You now have bouncy, lively bangs that will hold their shape all day.


Use a Flat Iron on Your Bangs

hair, auto show, hairstyle, blond, bangs, If you want to style your bangs the right way, you need to invest in a flat iron. A small one is better than the large version, but anything is going to be valuable when you want to get your bangs ready to go. Start at the roots and gently drag the flat iron to the ends of your bangs. This gets rid of crimps and crinkles and makes your bangs look polished and elegant, no matter where you’re going.


Make sure your flat iron is preheated to the appropriate temperature for your hair type—usually lower for fine hair and higher for thick hair. Clamp your bangs with the iron close to the root and pull it through your hair to the ends in a fluid motion to avoid any creases or kinks. For a sleek look, keep the iron steady. But if you prefer a bit of curve, twist your wrist slightly as you reach the ends to encourage a soft, face-framing bend. Always finish with a light mist of hairspray or a dab of serum to combat frizz and add shine.


Try Twisting Your Bangs to Make Them Lie Straight

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, woman, If you don’t want to heat style or you don’t have the tools handy, this tip can help. Split your bangs down the middle, twist them to the ends and secure to each side. Allow the bangs to air dry and you should have nice, straight bangs for the rest of the day.


This technique is great for those who don't have the time or tools to style their bangs. It's also a great way to avoid heat damage to your hair. To twist your bangs, start by splitting them down the middle. Then, twist them to the ends and secure each side with a clip or bobby pin. Allow the bangs to air dry and you should have perfectly straight bangs for the rest of the day. This technique is great for those who want to achieve a sleek look without the need for a blow dryer or flat iron.


Try Not to Use Too Much Product

clothing, hair, blond, color, hairstyle, The more product you use, the more it’s going to weigh down your hair. You don’t need a ton of hair styling products in your bangs anyway. Once you get them flattened and ready to go, give them a simple spritz of hairspray and you should be good for the rest of the day. If you need more than that, use just a small dab.


Remember that in the world of haircare, sometimes less is truly more. A light touch can prevent your bangs from looking heavy and greasy. When you start with a minimal amount, you can always add a bit more if needed. But once you've applied too much, it's a bit of a hassle to fix without starting over. So, keep it sleek and chic with just a smidge of your favorite styling cream or gel. After smoothing and positioning your bangs just the way you like them, a gentle misting of hairspray will seal the deal. Keep those bangs bounce and behave all day!


Wash Your Bangs Regularly

eyebrow, hair, hairstyle, brown, blond, You can go a few days between washings for your head of hair, but because your bangs are shorter and sparser, they probably need to be washed more often. Suds up at least every other day so you don’t wind up with oily, greasy bangs that you end up pinning back anyway.


See Your Stylist if You Need Help

hair, person, hairstyle, photograph, bangs, I trim my own bangs because then I don’t have to get an appointment or spend the cash. If you’re not quite ready for that, see your stylist. She can give you some pointers so you’re ready to do the job yourself. If you never want to, you can have her trim you up every few weeks.

Do you have bangs? What other tips do you have for styling them?

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Not sure if I can pull off bangs. Hmmm

I think that bangs make you look the blow dry bangs in opposite direction, a must try! Too much product in your hair weighs your hair down making it look lifeless~

I wanna get bangs but I don't know weather too, is it hard to do hairstyles?

I tried & I look like Dora for some reason. Lol so I gave up on them.

I agree with blow drying them right away. I can't blow dry mine back cuz then they stay back. Flat ironing them makes them so flat and stick to my forehead! I wash them every single day and try to trim them myself occasionally.

Looks Cute, but not every1 can carry it off

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