Girls with Limp Hair Will Love These Super Tips for Bouncier Hair ...

By Holly

Don't you want bouncy hair like the women on shampoo commercials? Well, there are some secrets that'll get you that locks you've always dreamed of. All you have to do is pay special attention to the way you style your hair and the products you put on it. If you're interested in looking fierce all day, every day, here are a few secrets that'll help you make your hair bouncier:

1 Air Dry Your Hair (for the Most Part)

Air Dry Your Hair (for the Most Part) The best way to get bouncy hair is to use a combination technique when drying it. You don't want to start out with a blowdryer, but you don't want to air dry it for the entire time either. You want to air dry it until it's almost all the way dry, but then you should switch to using your hairdryer. Just make sure that you flip your head, so that your hair is upside down while you blow it. It'll give it that extra volume that'll make it look so bouncy.

2 Use a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Use a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Pay special attention to the products that you're putting into your hair. Not every shampoo and conditioner is built the same. The next time you go to the store, keep an eye out for volumizing shampoos and conditioners. They'll give your hair the bounciness that you've been hoping for.

3 Leave Curlers in Overnight

Leave Curlers in Overnight Straight hair tends to look flatter than curly hair does, which is why you should think about wearing curls in your hair if you want it to look bouncier. The easiest way to do that is by leaving curlers in your hair overnight. You don't have to worry about looking silly, because you'll be able to take them out as soon as the sun rises and will have a whole new 'do!

4 Get Layers in Your Hair

Get Layers in Your Hair If you have an appointment at the hair salon anytime soon, you should ask your stylist to give you layers. Not only will they give your hair some serious style, but they'll make your hair look much bouncier than if it were cut straight across. Whenever you can, you should go for the option that gives your hair the most depth.

5 Tease Your Hair

Tease Your Hair Hair teasing didn't die in the 80s. You can still do it today and look hot. All you have to do is get a long tail comb, section off your hair, and backcomb all that hair toward the roots. It'll give your hair some lift, which will in turn make it appear bouncier than ever.

6 Avoid an Abundance of Hair Products

Avoid an Abundance of Hair Products You don’t want to use too many products, like gel and hairspray, on your locks. If you use too much of it, it’ll weigh it down and look like the complete opposite of how you want it to look. Your natural hair is beautiful, so there's no need to load in down with products.

7 Tousle Your Hair

Tousle Your Hair If your hair falls flat throughout the day, you don't need products on hand in order to fix it. All you have to do is flip your head upside down and tousle your hair. It should give it some volume that it didn't have before.

Bouncy hair can give you the type of confidence you've never felt before! Do you have any additional tips for making your hair bouncier?

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