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I always think face shapes are interesting. I love learning about how different hairstyles can flatter your face shape or what sunglasses are right for each. This article is to give you some guidance on how to part your hair to flatter your face shape. It’s a simple adjustment you can make to your hairstyle with a huge impact!

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Figure out Your Face Shape

This is step one because you can’t exactly pinpoint the best way to part your hair to flatter your face shape if you don’t know what it is! You can easily figure this out by looking in a mirror and using a lip balm, lip liner or other washable makeup product to draw a line around the perimeter of your face in the mirror. Step back and see what shape your face most closely resembles. This website by offers you more guidance on figuring this out. It also has a quiz to help.


Go for a Middle or Deep Side Part if Your Face is round

So you’ve figured out your face is round. I’m in this club with you. If this is you then you want to go for a middle or deep side part. Deep side parts help make your face look longer and is what I generally wear. A couple examples of celebrities with a round face are Cameron Diaz and Kelly Clarkson.


Square Faces do Best with a Side Part

Square faced girls have a strong jawline and an angular face. Parting your hair on the side can soften those angles. Wispy bangs can also help add some softness. You do want to avoid going too thick on the bang or it just becomes another angle. Celebrities that share your face shape are Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie.


Oval Face Shapes Can Pull off Any Part

You lucky girl! You can wear any part you wish! This is the face shape that has the most versatility in hairstyles you can wear. This is also said to be the most common face shape. A couple of celebrities that share having an oval face shape are Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Heart Shaped Faces Need a Deep Side Part

Let me just say I’m jealous of you heart shaped lovelies! I’ve always wanted to have this delicate face shape, but I’m not a member of this club. Heart shaped faces do best with deep parts in their hairstyle. Celebrities that have this face shape are Reese Witherspoon and Hayden Panettiere. It’s helpful to know some celebrities that share your face shape to look at for inspiration in the hairstyle and sunglasses department.


Diamond Shaped Faces Are Best Flattered with a Side Part

This face shape isn’t as common as the others or as easy to pick out. However, once you see what defines this face shape then you’ll be better able to identify it in others. Simply put, this face shape is narrow. Side parts work great for ladies with a diamond face shapes. Celebrities with a diamond shaped face include Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Experiment and Be Patient with Yourself

Be patient with yourself as you figure out your face shape and experiment with a new part. You may have been going with the right part all along or you may have to learn a new one. You may only need to make a small adjustment. Changing your part gives you an added advantage of a new look and maybe extra volume. It can be fun to learn a new way to style your hair.

These are some tips to help you flatter your face shape by how you part your hair. Did you have the right part going or do you need to make an adjustment? I’d love to know how you feel about your face shape, too!

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I have a heart shaped face and have been blessed with corkscrew like, tight curls that come to the lower part of my back. When I do a deep side part my curls will end up sticking up in crazy directions and my hair looks insane. Any tips or other hair styles/parts for me?

SJP has a very long face. Not oval.

Lol Sarah Jessica Parker does not have an oval face shape.

Sjp does not have oval at all!

Had my partner measure my face & got oblong. Unsure if that's true, whereas I've been described as round or heart-shaped.

I think they mean oval shaped but long.

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