Natural Ways to Give Your Hair the Sun Kissed Look ...

Call it hair lightening, call it adding in natural highlights or call it giving your hair the sun kissed look – whatever phrase you choose, there are various ways to achieve the summery look you crave for your hair. If you prefer natural products over bleaches and salon products, here are some ways you’ll love.

1. Lemon is One of Nature’s Best Lighteners

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One of the most refreshing natural ways to get sun kissed hair is by using lemon juice as a rinse when washing your hair. You can also just leave it in your hair. Simply take the juice of about 3 lemons and mix with some water, put it into a spray bottle, and apply to the areas of your hair that you wish to lighten. If you use lemon often, you’ll want to use conditioner as well because the acidity in the lemons can cause your hair to dry out. You could even add about a tablespoon of almond oil to your spray bottle.

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