Over Processed Hair? Stop Everything You Are Doing and Read This ...


Experimenting with your hair color is fun, but are you in danger of going too far and ruining your hair? If your hair is looking dry and dull and is starting to break, it's time to act before it's completely ruined. You won't be able to restore it to its original condition, but you can prevent it from getting any worse, and help it look healthier. Here's what to do if your hair is over processed …

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Get a Trim - Those Ends Need to Go

The first step to improving the condition of your hair is to get a trim. This will remove any split ends and loose strands that will spoil the look of your hair. Remember that the ends are the oldest part of your hair, so the more you've colored your hair, the worse condition they'll be in. Let them go and the rest of your hair will look better.


Give Your Hair a Holiday

Your hair needs a rest from processing and damage, so stop the chemical processing for a while. That means no permanent coloring, no relaxing and no highlighting. If you want to color your hair, use a semi-permanent or vegetable color, which are much kinder and won't make already weak hair any more brittle.


Pamper Your Hair with a Deep Conditioning Treatment

The next step is to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, which will restore some of the moisture stripped out of it. Ideally you should be doing this at least once every two weeks anyway; if you aren't, make it a regular part of your beauty regime in future. This will help keep your hair in better condition and stop it getting quite so damaged in future.


Change Your Washing Habits

Do you wash your hair every day? This could be contributing to the damage. Try shampooing no more than every other day, and don't use water that's too hot; warm or tepid water is better. Also be sure to use a shampoo designed specifically for damaged and color-treated hair.


Banish Bad Brushes

Now look at your hair brush. Is it a cheap one you picked up from the drugstore? The best brushes are made of natural bristles such as boar bristles. You should also avoid brushing your hair when it's wet. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb that won't snag on your hair, and comb it through gently.

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Ditch the Styling Tools

Yes, you're going to have to do without your styling tools for a while. The heat from straighteners and hairdryers will only make the damage worse. If you insist on using a heated appliance, apply a serum first to protect the hair. But the best option is to avoid heated appliances altogether until the condition of your hair improves.


Have a Keratin Treatment

Finally, as well as home conditioning treatments, you can get a keratin treatment at the salon. These may contain formaldehyde, so be wary if you're allergic. A keratin treatment will restore the condition of your hair; it's not suitable for everyone, but is an excellent way to get shiny, healthy hair and has a lasting effect.

Prevention is better than cure (or treatment), so try to judge when your hair says it's time to stop processing. Have you ever had a hair disaster that left you hiding under a hat or refusing to leave the house?

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What's over processed hair???

If you have over processed hair the first thing you need to do is stop coloring your all together. The second is that you need to go get your hair cut. The third is to stay away from any type of heating tool. Don't straighten your hair or curl it. Don't use bleach in your hair it will dry it even worse. You also need to get to a salon and get an emergency treatment. An emergency treat is a conditioning treatment where they put moisture back into the hair shaft.

Get a tangle tease to comb hair

I disagree with #6, if you're using appropriate thermal protectant and temperature set for your hair type you'll be good. Hair needs protein after being treated with color. Make sure if hair is fine, you're heat setting isn't higher than 375

dont heat it all the time

Don't do the keratin treatment. I had an awful experience with it that has been even more damaging.

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