Stop Sweating with These Tips to Keep Your Long Hair off of You ...


Sweat is just part and parcel when summer comes, but having long hair can make it worse. There is nothing I hate more than my hair sticking to my neck and making me feel hotter. You don’t have to choose between suffering through the sweaty hair and giving up your style because you can get those strands off while still looking like your usual fabulous self. Here’s how.

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Do a Professional, but Fashionably Messy Braid

A braid is a great choice for hot summer days. It keeps the hair off your sweaty neck, but can still look fantastic too. Any kind of braid works. A cute French braid is great for work or play and a fun side braid always looks perfect. The trick is to slightly tousle the braid so it doesn’t look too tight or forced.


Whip Your Hair up into a Ballerina Bun

I love this look because it can be professional for the office, but it can also be casual and fun for a day off. Here’s what’s so perfect about a ballerina bun. It sits high enough on your head to keep your neck and face cool when the weather gets hot, but it still looks like you put in some effort on your hair. To master the look, wrap your ponytail around the elastic and secure in place. Done!


Try a Vintage 1920s Look for Elegance and Glamour

This look is tearing up Pinterest and for good reason too. Start by putting your hair into a low ponytail, then slide in a thin elastic headband on over your head. Take the ponytail and pull it up and over the headband, spreading it out to create a fluff at the nape of your neck. No more sweaty neck and you still look perfect!


To enhance this classic style, curl your loose ends with a flat iron to add a wave effect, reminiscent of the roaring twenties. Accentuate with pearl pins or a feathered accessory for that extra vintage charm. If you're feeling particularly daring, a glitzy brooch pinned right below the headband will turn heads at any soirée. It's a fabulous way to keep cool, channeling the effortless sophistication of a bygone era, while your locks are neatly kept away from your skin. Finger waves around your face could add an authentic touch, should you wish to go the extra mile.


Sweep Your Strands up into a Chignon with Flair

This isn’t the old librarian look you’re thinking of. You know how to do a chignon, where you gather and twist your hair to keep it off your neck. But, you can make the look worthy of your style by braiding a chunk before pulling it back, adding a small bow to the side of the look or giving it a slightly messed up look.


How about the Old Fallback – a Ponytail?

There’s nothing lazy about a ponytail. You can rock the look for even the most formal summer occasion so you aren’t all hot and sweaty, no matter where you are. The trick is to make a cute ponytail. You can do this by taking a chunk of the tail and wrapping it around the elastic and securing it underneath. You can also add a cute bow or tease the crown of your head to give you some volume.

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A Sexy Side Swept Messy Bun Just below Your Ear is Perfect

This look is just as easy as a ponytail. Except you pull the ponytail to the side and turn it into a bun. Then, pull some strands out to frame your face and rough up the bun just a bit so it doesn’t look too forced.


Maybe You Should Add Several of These Ideas Together into One Look

They’re perfect on their own, so how could you go wrong by combining several of these looks. Try a side braid that turns into a bun when it gets to your ear, or do the ballerina bun with a braid woven in. A side swept bun with a bow is another perfect look.

Can you feel yourself feeling cooling off now? Which look are you dying to try? Here’s to a summer of no sweating!

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Seriously right, with their hair down, by putting your hair in a bun it won't get in the way. But why will it damage your hair ??

Putting your hair in a bun can cause you to damage your hair. It's better to have it in a braid.

I have alopecia,can't even do hairstyles.Why do I always go on the hair posts each time there is one?

I tried to do a messy bun but i couldn't

The wet hair will keep your scalp cool in the heat and out of your face!

Idk how people workout with there hair down

Use a spray leave in treatment too after you wash and condition your hair. That will control all the loose fly aways. Then brush/comb your hair to evenly distribute your hair up into a bun or whatever your choice. Thanks Brewil!😊

Pics & tutorials would be awesome. However, great tips! Actually going to try Jackie's suggestions too!

The only thing that is in my abilities is the ponytail and maybe the bun. I have no clue how to braid my own hair, and as much as I would love to know how to, I don't have the patience for it.

I was interested in #3, but had no idea what it would look like from the instructions. Please add photos to this type of article.

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