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There’s nothing worse than having a haircut go terribly wrong. You enter the salon excited about a new cut, then look in the mirror afterward and experience major disappointment. It can seriously bring you to tears! These are some things that can help you to deal with a horrendous haircut.

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Address the Issue with Your Stylist before You Leave the Salon

If your haircut ended up way shorter than you wanted then there’s sadly not much that can be done about it. But if it’s longer than you wanted or not the exact style you had in mind, voice that to your stylist. Many times they can make adjustments that can make you much happier. Don’t feel bad in expressing your feelings to your stylist. Most stylists would prefer you communicate your dissatisfaction while still in the chair rather than leave the beauty shop unhappy.


Remember, it's your hair and feeling good about it is crucial. It often helps if you can clearly explain what you don't like about the haircut - whether it's the layers, the length, or the overall shape. A good stylist will appreciate the constructive feedback and do their utmost to remedy the situation. If a fix isn't possible right away, like with overly short hair, they may suggest styling tips or products that can help you manage your look until it grows out. Your stylist could also provide advice on how to style your hair at home, which could potentially save the look.


Try Styling with Some Accessories

If there’s nothing your stylist can do then you have to get creative with how to deal with the haircut. One thing you can do is try styling it with different accessories. Even short haircuts can be accessorized with a headband or a small barrette. It can be a lot of fun to play around with accessories. You may even find you enjoy your new style.


Play with Some Texturizing Products

Different products can make a difference in how you feel about your haircut. I remember I once ended up with a cut I didn’t like at all and I purchased a texturizing hair balm and it made a big difference. I used it to flip up the back of my hair. While I still didn’t love the cut, it was a little more bearable. If you’ve got a friend that’s an expert on hair, they may be able to give you some suggestions on products to try.


Wear Hats

This is an option for when it’s a cut you truly hate. It’s just a cover it up and get it out of sight option. It doesn’t fix anything, but at least it helps you forget about it temporarily. And there are so many fashionable hats to choose from these days. Also worth noting is that there’s a big chance that others don’t think you haircut looks bad at all.


Switch up How You Style It

This can help, too. If you usually wear your hair in curls then try going for a straight, sleek look. If you usually go straight then try adding in some curls. Even if you hate the cut, you’ll probably enjoy wearing a different style. Everyone enjoys a different look from time to time.


Try Extensions

If the issue is that your haircut is too short then extensions are an option. Extensions have come a long way in recent years. It used to be that you could identify extensions in a person’s hair even from a distance. That’s no longer the case. Extensions are very good quality now and a great option when you want a longer hairstyle.


Use This Time to Search for Your Next Hairstyle

Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do but wait out a horrendous haircut. But take heart in the fact that hair grows half an inch per month on average. While you’re waiting it out, you can use this time to choose your next style. I usually go to Pinterest to look for new styles, but that’s only one option. You can also use other websites or page through hairstyle magazines for inspiration.

These are some ways to deal with a horrendous haircut. Have you been in this position? You’re welcome to share about your experiences.

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No. Luckily I haven't. But I have the simplest hair and always have it looking different in terms of irons, so I'd be able to camouflage it well. Hats, though, I couldn't do!

#7 - Take this time to search for your new hairstyle - ist? 😉

I'm in this position right now-ugh.

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