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It's fun to take dips in the pool, but it's less fun to see our hair turn green from the chlorine. However, you don't have to avoid the water altogether to keep your locks looking lovely. You can still jump into the pool every single day, as long as you know a few key things about how your hair works. Here are a few of the best tricks to keep chlorine from ruining your hair:

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Apply Coconut Oil to Hair before You Enter the Water

Before you jump into the water, rub some coconut oil into your hair. If you keep it in your beach bag along with your towel and your sunscreen, then you'll never forget to apply it. It will only take a few seconds, and it can save your hair from a lifetime of damage.


Wash Your Hair before Jumping in the Pool

It's incredibly important for you to wash your hair in the shower before you jump in the pool. That way, your hair will already be soaked, and it'll be harder for the chlorine to be absorbed into your hair. So get wet in the shower (or with the hose) before you get wet in the pool.


Buy Clarifying Shampoo

Shampoo can make your hair look shinier, get rid of dandruff, and lighten your hair color--it can do pretty much anything. There's even a special shampoo meant to get rid of chlorine damage. So the next time you visit the store, keep an eye out for the product that fits your situation.


Use a Swim Cap

Don't worry about looking silly in a swim cap. Everyone will still be able to see your gorgeous face, so it won't matter that your locks are hidden from the world. Besides, everyone will be too busy looking at your cute bathing suit to notice that you have your hair up in a swim cap.


Wash Your Hair Right after Swimming

While it's important to wash your hair before swimming, it's also important to wash your hair after swimming. That way, you can wash all of the chlorine out of your hair. Your water bill might go up a bit, but that's the price you have to pay for beautiful hair.


Deep Condition Your Hair to Get Rid of Damage

If the chlorine has already ruined your hair, you should start the restoration process by deep conditioning it. You should be able to find the products you need at almost any store. Once you do, it won't take longer than thirty minutes for you to put in the product, let it set, and wash it out.


Never Rub Your Hair to Dry It

The chlorine isn't the only thing that can ruin your hair. Whether you're stepping out from the pool or the shower, you need to be careful with how you dry your locks. You should make sure to pat your head instead of rubbing it dry so that you don't harm the follicles. You should also use your blow dryer on medium or low heat, instead of on high.

Don't avoid the pool out of fear of wrecking your hair. As long as you follow these tips, your locks will stay strong and vibrant. What other tips do you have for keeping chlorine from ruining your hair?

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I like pools but hate the chlorine. I'm gonna definitely trying the tips!

Great article thanks

Being an athletic swimmer and swimming every day, all year, I can definitely say that all of these work super well

Amazing post! So useful for the summer

Scruples makes a great hair clarifier

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