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When your hair looks its best is usually right after you wash and style it, right? What if I told you that you can have amazing hair on day two, three, and even four of not washing? Sounds ridiculous, but it can be done! Your hair will be full of texture, bounce, and volume even if you don’t wash it every day. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this kind of hair and why skipping a wash or two will encourage healthier hair!

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Make Sure You Are Shampooing Your Hair Thoroughly and Using Quality Products

Most people are shocked to learn that they aren’t really shampooing their hair correctly! You need to concentrate on washing the hair closest to the scalp and the scalp itself more than the ends. Even if you have a ton of product in your hair, the product will wash out as the shampoo flows down. If you only get the surface, or top hairs clean then it makes sense why your hair looks oily the next day. Buy a salon quality shampoo, which cleans better and much gentler than a cheap drugstore shampoo!


Learn How to Backcomb Your Hair for Extra Volume

Contrary to popular belief, backcombing will not damage your hair. The damage comes when you comb it out too harshly. Stick to gentle combing and your backcombing is not damaging! Teasing your hair adds volume and bounce on the second day, so don’t hesitate to try it.


Don’t Overuse Hair Products

Using too much hair product is a bad idea, because it can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy! Instead, use the amount directed on the package and work it through your hair really well. More doesn’t equal better staying power, but it does make your hair less than bouncy and pretty!


Avoid Constantly Touching Your Hair and Running Your Fingers through It

The more you touch your hair, the more grease and oil you transfer from your fingers and face. You can’t help but touch your hair for necessary reasons of course, but absentmindedly running your fingers through your hair, or playing with strands of hair can lead to a greasy look halfway through the day.


Never Put Conditioner on Your Entire Head when You Shampoo Your Hair

I used to make this mistake often! Conditioner is meant for the ends of your hair only. Putting it on the roots may look fine the first day you wash your hair, but the second day will lead to heavy and oily looking hair. I like to use a leave in conditioner sparingly on the roots of my hair. It adds moisture and shine without dragging my hair down!


Use a Good Dry Shampoo to Soak up Excess Oil and Refresh Your Style

My favorite and most used hair product has got to be dry shampoo! Using dry shampoo is the best way to refresh your hair and keep the greasies at bay for second and third day hair! If you have dark hair, pick up a colored dry shampoo or one that is invisible so you have no white residue.


Invest in Some Cute Hats, Headbands, Scarves, and Fun Hair Accessories

For fourth day hair, you can throw on a hat, or a cute scarf or even rock an up-do. Your hair may not look it’s best when worn down on day number four, but you can still squeeze some life out of it if you enlist the help of a headband to hide your roots and then tease the ends for plenty of volume and bounce!

Washing your hair too often strips your hair of its natural oils that make your hair pretty and shiny. This leads to over production of grease, which is where your scalp is working overtime to “hydrate” your scalp but without the good oils your hair needs. Of course, we all get greasy after a while of not washing our hair, but if your hair is greasy every day, it could be a sign that you are washing too often! Try using these tips for a few weeks and see how the texture and health of your hair improves!

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I swim every night for two hours in CHLORINE, so I have to shower every night. My hair is absolutely fine; I constantly get compliments from my friends. My hair is caramel in the winter, and in the summer I get blonde streaks. Just shower with cool water; it's better for your hair.

I aWays get compliments about my hair, it's long curLy and brown , it's funny though , I wash my hair 1 or 2 times a week , I don't use products , the real reason why you shouldn't wash you're hair everyday , is because you're hair needs its own natural oil-ish thing in it , my other secret is that I NEVER. Comb my hair , in the shower when I shampoo it I erase all of my clits , but after that I don't comb it at all , every morning I only take away the big clits with my own fingers , that's all. And that's how my hair stays best

Salon products don't equal better. Look at the ingredients. Look at what type of ingredients you need for your hair type. Curly hair needs constant moisture, so conditioning the roots is not a bad thing. Teasing is bad for your hair. It causes split ends near your roots. No one in the 80's had nice hair and that's really the reason, so much backcombing. Even if it's gentle, its still damaging. Dry shampoo is great for when you're out of time, but don't get in the habit of using it every day. Most have alcohol, which is incredibly drying and damaging. Plus it can clog pores on your scalp. Be careful and make sure you only use it when absolutely necessary.

I guess since people have different hair types this doesn't really apply to everyone, but some of the tips still help. I get greasy hair really easily as my hair is thin and soft, so I use a very very small amount of conditioner on the ends and I wash my hair every two days. Going four days without washing my hair would result in greasy hair for me no matter how much product or dry shampoo I use!

Maryam that is really not neccesarry. I have super long hair too and now other friends who have it and you don't have to wash it 2 times daily, unless you are doing swimming etc. And for those of you out there who think washing hair everyday doesn't damage, it does. It dameages your hair by gvivng you lots of hair loss, and can strip your hair of its natural oils.

I exercise daily n have to wash my hair everyday but I use origins shampoo specifically made for everyday use

When you wash you're hair everyday

My hair is soo long n I wish it every day 2 times

I cannot understand how people wash their hair every single day!! It really does seem damaging. I use dry shampoo a couple of days a week and nice smelling light spray to get rid of odor.

My hair is blonde and curly, i have to always condition and keep it moisturized

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