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It’s usual to find strands of hair in your brush, comb and in the shower plug. When it becomes clumps, when you find it on your pillow and your shoulders, it becomes worrisome. Well, if truth be told, it’s not just worrisome, - it can freak you out. You will never prevent all natural shedding – it’s part of the hair growth cycle but there are ways to reduce the number of strands you lose and to maintain a full head of healthy hair.

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Enjoy a Massage to Stimulate the Scalp and Improve Blood Circulation

One of the simplest ways to learn how to stop your hair shedding is to massage your scalp regularly. This will stimulate the scalp, improve blood flood, and remove dead skin cells, all of which will encourage hair growth. You don't need any special equipment either – just use the balls of your fingers to massage the scalp when shampooing. Be sure to move from your hairline to the back of your head to improve blood circulation.


The Way You Brush Contributes to the Health of Your Hair

Who doesn't know how to brush? Really, it is not rocket science, but not using the right brush and using it repeatedly will cause permanent hair loss. If you've been using a brush that causes a lot of traction and pull, you will soon see your hair start shedding like anything. Use a brush that's gentle on your scalp and never start towards your roots. Also, be sure to brush while moving from section to section.


Handle Wet Hair Carefully to Avoid Breaking the Fragile Strands

Your hair will be prone to breakage when wet. That's mainly because the protective cuticle is not in its perfect position when wet. Never put your hair in a ponytail if it has not dried fully. You may consider patting your wet hair to eliminate excess moisture instead of wrapping it in a towel turban to prevent breakage.


Sun Exposure Can do a Real Number on Your Hair if You Don’t Protect It

You will have damaged hair after excessive sun exposure. The UV rays are harmful not only for your skin but for your hair as well. Those rays will rob your hair of their natural moisture and dry hair will be prone to breakage. Also, when exposed to UV rays, the keratin proteins in your hair break down, which in turn makes your hair more fragile. So, limit sun exposure and if possible, spritz your strands with a specific spray for UV protection.


Your Diet Needs Protein to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Increasing your protein intake will help keep your hair from shedding. Since your hair is made of protein, it is obvious that it will benefit from protein you eat. The only thing is that hair is a non-vital tissue, which means that it gets nutrients after the rest of your body has used up the available stock. That's the reason why any nutritional deficiency is first to affect your hair. So, be sure to have at least a couple of servings of protein (eggs, fish, lean chicken, etc) a day.


Hair Does Not like Very Hot Showers

While it is common to lose hair in the shower, especially considering the fact that you will normally lose 50-150 strands a day, you will add to these numbers by taking hot showers. Hot water will work towards eliminating the natural oils in your hair, which in turn will damage the root and lead to additional shedding.


Avoid/reduce Stress to Reduce Shedding

If you're eating protein, using UV hair protection, avoiding hot showers, and brushing properly and are still losing hair, this could be due to stress. It usually takes about three months for shedding to occur after a continued period of stress. Simple breathing and meditation exercises will work wonders to keep stress levels in check and prevent hair loss.

Do you suffer from shedding? Going bald is a common female dread – do you hate the thought of losing your gorgeous hair?

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Anaemia causes hair loss, check it with your doctor

I really hate to lose my hair. I think it's due to stress. Ty for the suggestions on how to avoid losing hair.

Add vitamins to your diet, especially vitamin D and Biotin. Be very careful with wet hair, it's super fragile. Eat healthy and don't play with your hair throughout the day!

Niamh where can I buy Grow Gorgeous shampoo/conditioner ?

Hi Luanne sorry I only seen your message now. You can buy it in boots :)

I've been using grow gorgeous shampoo/conditioner and I've noticed I don't have as much hair fall out. It smells beautiful too :)

Another reason is tying your hair too tight. I tied my hair in a messy bun every night for 3 years (for extra volume and curls), and now my hair is very thin; half of it fell out. Since I started using hot rollers, I slowly started to grow back :)

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