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Waking up can be scary when you see what a mess your hair has become overnight. That’s never the way you want to start your day! There are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. Try one, two or all of these ideas to wake up with great hair.

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Learn What Works for Your Hair

An important part of having good hair is learning what does and doesn’t work for your hair. Your hair is unique to you and, therefore, you should be the expert on it. You want to learn your texture and what products work best for your hair. You also want to learn when the best time of day is to wash your hair to have the best chance of waking up with great hair.


Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will give you a much greater chance of waking up with great hair. Satin pillowcases help prevent tangling and hair breakage while you sleep. It practically eliminates bed head. You won’t have to worry that you’re going to scare your sweetie in the mornings anymore. Another advantage of sleeping on satin pillowcases is that they help prevent wrinkles.


Braid Your Hair before Bed

This is an old secret that your mother or grandmother may have used. And it’s still being done because it works. Braiding your hair before bed enables you to wake up with lovely waves to wear the next day. To make sure your waves hold, give your hair an all over spritz of hairspray before braiding. You can control how soft your waves are by how tightly you braid your hair. The softer the wave pattern you want, the looser your braids need to be.


Make Use of Yesterday’s Hair

Yesterday’s hair can make amazing hair to wake up to. Second day hair has great texture and styles much better than hair that’s squeaky clean. That bit of oil makes it easier to mold into different styles. There’s also the benefit of having leftover product already set in that helps it be styled the way you want. If you can get by with skipping a day of washing, your hair styling efforts will be more successful.


Don’t Sleep in a Messy Bun

I know it’s tempting. You want to get your hair out of your face but don’t give in. Sleeping in a messy bun equals tons of kinks and bends to deal with the next morning. What more than likely happens then is you’ll either keep your hair in a messy bun all day or have to wash and start from scratch. Sleeping with your hair free of accessories is really best.


Moreover, it's not just about the appearance of your hair the next day. Keeping your hair tightly wrapped up overnight can cause unnecessary stress on your strands, leading to breakage and split ends over time. Consider loosely braiding your hair instead if you must contain it. This can reduce friction and minimize the risk of tangles, all while giving you gentle waves as a bonus when you wake up. Remember, your hair needs to relax and recover at night just like the rest of your body.


Indulge Your Hair in an Overnight Hair Treatment

Overnight is the perfect time to treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. There are specific products made just for this purpose. Try Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. It promises to restore weak and damaged hair. You can also try other products as an overnight hair treatment, such as coconut or argan oil.


Curl It into Tight Spiral Curls before Bed

Does this sound a little crazy to you? It can actually work. Curl your hair into tight spirals and spray well before you go to bed. By morning, the curls will relax and fall out into that perfect, loose curl pattern we all fantasize about having. You may have to do a few touch ups but other than that, your hair will be beautifully styled for the day ahead.

These are 7 things you can do to wake up with great hair. What tips do you follow to wake up with hair you love? I’m dying to know your secrets!

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"You're hair"?! :(

For the overnight braid, use a scrunchie or something of that sort to tie it. If you use a regular hairband, it will leave a mark.

Won't braiding your hair make it break even more? I really would like to have wavy hair especially when I'm in college to avoid spending more time doing my hair. Any tips?

I also have fine hair and trying to take care of them.

I just started a satin pillow case and the difference is amazing I'll try leaving it down I'm guilty of doing the Bun and your right it get's tangled, thanks for the tip

I honestly love my hair the day after I flat iron it. Since I have a curl to my hair I wake up with subtle looking beach waves!

Great tips thanks :)

Love the tips! Thanks!

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