Prep Your Hair for Fall with These 7 Easy Steps ...


Prep Your Hair for Fall with These 7 Easy Steps ...
Prep Your Hair for Fall with These 7 Easy Steps ...

Once Starbucks starts making Pumpkin Spice Lattes again, you know it's time to start prepping for fall. Break out your cute jeans and sweaters and boots, pin loads of autumn-themed nail art to Pinterest... and prep your hair for the gorgeous new season with these 7 simple steps.

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Try a New Shampoo

Most of us use light fruity or floral-scented shampoos and conditioners in summer, but now that it's fall, it's time to try something new... why not try something with a warm or spicy scent, like Bedhead's Colour Goddess line... it's smells so good!


Find an Oil

With cooler temps comes drier hair, so now's the time to stock up on your favorite oil. I love me some coconut oil, but you can also try argan or even olive oil! Apply a little to the ends and do a quick swipe along your part to keep fly-aways in check.


Learn a New Braid

There's no better time than fall to learn a new braid, something that'll replace the ponytails and buns you've been wearing to keep your hair off your neck.


Deep Condition It

Visit your salon or spa and treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment for your tresses. Again, it's about to get really dry, so now's the time to pamper your hair!


Trim the End... or...

If you'll be growing your hair this fall, it's time to make an appointment to trim your ends. If you'll be going shorter, it's the ideal time to do that, too!


Tone down the Highlights

Summer's the season for bright highlights, but not that fall's here, it's time to tone them down a bit.


Go Golden

Embrace the gorgeous colors of the season with a new all-over color! I love the bold browns and golden blondes and rich reds that replace summer's platinums and ashy colors. What color will you rock this fall?

Are you all set to prep your hair for fall? What's on your hair-care agenda this season?

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Use a good sulfate free shampoo& moisturizing conditioner. Use a hydrating detangling spray like its a 10. It prevents frizz, thermal protectant, adds body& shine, ect.ect.. Get a lil trim and or a keratin treatment to keep your locks looking healthy& shiny!!

Finding the right shampoo is never easy - I have failed several times already.

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