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How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life when the Summer Has Destroyed It ...

By Alison

You may have had a great summer, but has your hair? What with heat from the sun, chlorine from the pool, salt water, wind and frizz caused by humidity, Summer can really take its toll on your hair. So if your locks look like they've been through the wringer this summer, try these ways to revive your hair …

1 Hair Mask

When your hair's suffering the post-summer slump, your usual conditioner won't be intense enough. Give your hair a thorough pampering instead with a hair mask or other deep treatment. This will really help put back the moisture that's been stripped from it. Use a mask once or twice a week, according to the needs of your hair.

2 Cut down Your Use of Heated Appliances

However much you're longing to take the straighteners to your hair, resist. Heated appliances are not going to help your already stressed hair, and you could end up causing more damage. Try to avoid using a dryer as much as possible, and if you must use it towel as much water from your hair and use the lowest heat setting.

3 Get Your Hair Cut

What with all the dryness and frizz that summer's left you with, your hair will really benefit from a good trim, or even a complete change of style. Your hairdresser will advise you how much needs to go. If you only want the ends trimmed, your hairdresser can also give you a deep conditioning treatment to put some much-needed moisture back.

4 DIY Oil Treatment

If you can't afford a salon treatment, then you can give your hair a pampering boost at home for pennies. All you need is an oil like coconut or almond. You can even use olive oil if that's all you've got. Warm the oil slightly, massage into your hair, and cover with plastic to help the oil penetrate your hair. Leave for 15 minutes and shampoo off (this will stop your hair from becoming greasy).

5 Change Your Shampoo

You may also benefit from changing your shampoo until your hair recovers. What you really need is a moisturising shampoo that will both cleanse and moisturise your hair. In between the mask or deep conditioning treatment, use a moisturising conditioner as well. Make sure that you apply the majority of conditioner away from the roots, as the roots won't be as dry as the rest of the hair.

6 Boost Your Color

The summer may also have taken its toll on your color. If your hair is looking brassy or over-processed, it needs a boost to improve its appearance. Look for a vegetable color, as this will be less harsh on your hair than a chemical color will. You can also try henna, which is much gentler on your hair.

7 Prevention is Better than Cure!

Of course, the best option is to ensure that your hair doesn't suffer all these summer problems. Next summer, look after it better; protect your hair by wearing a hat and using a protective spray. Your hair needs shielding from the sun just as much as your skin does!

If, in spite of your best efforts, your hair has suffered summer damage, don't panic; with some TLC, you can make it look and feel lush again. It'll need plenty of pampering and care, but it will soon look shiny and smooth again!

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