The Golden Rules of Caring for Short Hair ...

By Neecey

The Golden Rules of Caring for Short Hair ...

We all know the basics of looking after long hair (be gentle, avoid tangles, remove split ends etc) and indeed, generally many hair care rules apply to any length but there are tips and tricks especially for short hair that will keep your crop, pixie, or bob in tip top condition.

1 Avoid over Combing

When thinking about how to care for short hair, one of the first rules to live by is to try to avoid combing it too much. Because of its length, it is much less likely to tangle, and the only thing that will come of brushing it every thirty minutes or so is to increase the speed at which the hair’s natural oils are released, which will result in a much greasier head of hair quicker than you would have wanted and expected.

2 Use Your Fingers Instead

The best way to get around this is to use your fingers to style your hair instead of constant brushing. Because your hair is short, running your hands through your hair briefly will be perfectly sufficient for keeping its shape and sorting out any unruly sections. Obviously, make sure your hands are clean, otherwise your hair will end up even greasier than if you had brushed!

3 Reduce Your Heated Product Use

If you have short hair, heat styling tools are ideally not something that you should be using every single day. Overusing products like straighteners, curlers, even a hair dryer can damage your fragile hair and lead to loss of color, dryness and early split ends, and when you already have not much hair to work with, this damage will become noticeable much quicker than if you had long hair.

4 Have a Regular Trim

Some people mistakenly think that because they have short hair, they don’t need to visit the hairdresser for a trim as often, this isn’t true! In order to keep your hair healthy and at its best you should really be visiting the salon at least once a month. Your hair can grow about half an inch per month, so to keep your short style fresh give it the care and attention it deserves!

5 Wash It Every Day

We are now being told that washing our hair every day is actually bad for us, but this is not the case with short hair. Short hair styles require much more washing than longer styles, as the natural oils began to gather at the roots and then work their way down in between washes. Of course, the shorter your hair is, the greasier it will look because there is not as much distance for the oils to travel.

6 Dry Shampoo is Your Friend

To be fair, this goes for women of all hair lengths, but dry shampoo should be regarded as one of the most important hair product inventions in recent years! Having a little can of the powdery spray can turn your hair from slightly slick to bright and bouncy in seconds!

7 Cold Water Spritz

Ending your shower with a short sharp spritz of cold water will do wonders for giving your short hair a longer lasting shine. The cold water works to close up your follicles, meaning that you hair will stay vibrant for much longer!

Have you got a short style? What’s your best tip for keeping your hair in tip-top condition?

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I'm going short in January. These will come in handy. Thanks. 

Just got my hair cut- thanks to this piece I know how to take care of it now :) legend!

Nice to see short hair the focus for a change. 

Need more truk than long hair. Really difficult to maintain

Thank you.

Beautiful cut. I don't see myself with this hairstyle but hey some women can rock this beautifully😉


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