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This is What Your Stylist is Really Thinking when You're in the Chair ...

By Lyndsie

No job is perfect all the time. When you're in a position that places you in close proximity with the public, I imagine that it gets even more stressful. There are so many people who do things for us every day – servers, mechanics, manicurists, massage therapists, and certainly hairstylists. While you're sitting in the chair, getting a trim or changing your color, have you ever wondered what your stylist is really thinking? Whisper shared a little insight that I think you ought to consider.

1 Sometimes the Small Talk Isn't so Small

Sometimes the Small Talk Isn't so Small Think back to all the stories your stylists have told you over the years. What was real? Were they all made up?

2 Why Would Anyone do This?

Why Would Anyone do This? I mean, I suppose it's safe enough if you have a competent stylist or shampoo person, but also … well, that's just awkward.

3 Awww ...

Awww ... That's kind of sweet. Okay, some people could possibly view it as creepy, I suppose, but I like having my hair played with, so I'm not one of them.

4 The Anxiety is Bad, but the Attitude is Good

The Anxiety is Bad, but the Attitude is Good Being I suffer from anxiety, I empathize with this and I hope the confession-maker can control her or his anxiety. However, I think every professional should be sensitive to the happiness – or lack thereof – of a client.

5 Nope, Nope, Nope

Nope, Nope, Nope That is awful and I am so, so sorry. I cannot imagine how much hair stylists have adhering to them after a day at work. Hell, after an hour.

6 Screaming Might Help

Screaming Might Help But yeah, you should probably always cut off your dry split ends.

7 Understandable

Understandable However, as I'm sure most stylists also understand, hair is personal. You have to make it sit right on your head. We don't mean to undo your hard work, we just have to get back in our hair groove – especially if the cut involved a dramatic change.

8 Hey, It Makes Sense

Hey, It Makes Sense Over-washing is bad, after all.

9 I'm Kind of down with This

I'm Kind of down with This I know, I know, it's bad and it's no one's place to judge, but that's such a small, passive aggressive tactic. That lady probably felt unbalanced afterward and didn't know why.

10 But This … No

But This … No This is kind of really unacceptable, though. I would go apeshit. (Author's note: yes, I said the s-word.)

11 I Get This

I Get This As many of these other confessions have shown, stylists are like pseudo therapists. I myself hate keeping up small talk with stylists, dentists, doctors – I'm an anxious introvert, it's all on me – but when I have a good relationship with my stylist, especially, even I've found myself unloading. That has to be exhausting.

12 This Would Be Me

This Would Be Me All day, every day. If you're on your phone right in front of someone else, it's going to happen.

13 This is Also Unacceptable

This is Also Unacceptable I can't abide people who talk down to others. Stalkers, don't condescend to other people, it's not a good look.

14 Uhm ...

Uhm ... Thoughts?

15 This is Cringe-worthy

This is Cringe-worthy Seriously, what do you expect the other person to say? Though, I did once have a stylist tell me I didn't tip him enough – I didn't ask, he just kind of told me.

16 For the Parents

For the Parents I'm gonna take a seat for this one. Not going to say a word.

17 Wait, What?

Wait, What? That baffles me, too. I don't do that. Well, can't. I can't do that.

18 Uhm, Version Two

Uhm, Version Two I don't … I don't know what to say to that. It's sad on several levels.

19 This is Also Sad

This is Also Sad No one should feel this way about their job, no matter what they do. If you wonder about this, it's never too late to do something about it.

20 But This is Adorable

But This is Adorable I would laugh my tail off if I opened my eyes and saw my stylist doing this.

Does this open to your eyes to what your stylist is thinking, or perhaps how you act as a client? And stylists, please weigh in – share your secret thoughts.


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