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Knowing good etiquette for the hair salon (and following it!) helps go a long way to having the best experience you can have. Your hair is your crowning glory and a trim or a new style gives such a fillip. And let’s face it, ladies, a good salon and complicated processes (perms, colors, extensions, tints etc) don’t come cheap. Make the most of your experience and be a customer your stylist looks forward to working on by following good etiquette for the hair salon.

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Think before You Use Your Cell Phone

When it comes to etiquette for the hair salon, chatting loudly on your cell phone while you’re getting shampooed is a big no no. You could risk damaging your phone and will make the shampoo assistant’s job pretty tough if they need to move your head. While most hair salons don’t have an actual rule stopping you from using your cell phone, just think of those around you. Don’t make a loud phone call or use your phone while you are being spoken to by the stylist. If you need to make a call then let your stylist know so that you don’t interfere with their work. Sending a text or updating your Facebook status while you are waiting for your color to set is no problem.


How to Ask for What You Want

Don’t be afraid of sounding high maintenance when you are telling your hairdresser what you want. You are paying for a service and deserve to get exactly what you are after. They will be able to talk you through whether it is realistic and will advise of any adaptations. Just trust the hairdresser to do what you have asked, don’t keep repeating yourself or question what the hairdresser is doing - unless they are coming at you with a razor and you just wanted a trim!


Bringing in Food

Bringing in food and drink to a salon is usually no problem. Good etiquette for the hair salon is to avoid any smelly foods or alcohol. You will often get offered a drink while you have your hair done so don’t worry if you haven’t got anything to bring in and you know that you’ll be there a long time having a color done.


Bringing in outside food and drink is generally acceptable in hair salons, as long as the items are not overly smelly or alcoholic. In fact, many salons offer complimentary drinks to their clients during their appointments. This is especially helpful for longer appointments, such as hair coloring, where clients may be sitting for an extended period of time. However, it is important to be mindful of any food allergies or preferences of the salon staff and other clients when bringing in outside food. Additionally, it is considered good etiquette to clean up after yourself and dispose of any trash properly before leaving the salon.


Bring in Photographs

If you are not confident communicating what you want your hair to look like then find a couple of pictures. Perception of color and shape can differ from person to person, however a picture can give a clear visual of what you want.


Giving Tips to Your Hairdresser

Tipping can get a little awkward. It is always best to go to the salon with some cash on you to dish out to those who work on your hair. This way you can give the shampoo assistant around $5-7 and the stylist around $10-20, depending on the service you are having. Most salons only accept cash for tips so do make sure you bring some.


Visiting Other Hairdressers

If your usual stylist isn’t available on the day you need them then of course you can visit another salon or hairdresser. I know I always feel guilty and as though I am cheating on my regular stylist, though I know she understands. If you are worried about this then ask your stylist who they think you should visit in the salon if they are not available. Book in advance to avoid missing your preferred stylist.


Booking Your Next Appointment

Speak to your stylist and ask how often you should return to keep up your hairstyle. It is a different case for everyone. Color customers can sometimes need to return to the salon every 2-3 weeks. Some people might need to go every 6 weeks for a haircut whereas others could wait two months. Many salons will encourage you to book your appointment before you leave the salon to make sure that you save your spot and don’t have to be squeezed in.

Hair salon etiquette really is just manners and common sense, but it never harms any of us to be reminded now and then. If you visit the same salon regularly you’ll learn the salon’s own etiquette and learn to go with the flow. Do you tend to stick with the same stylist or do you like to try new salons?

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This is a good article, i think all the rules apply. Lol i laughed at the offered drink thing And the times one visits cause black salons at most have a fountain in the corner and black women need their hair done at least every 4 weeks

It's really about being self-aware and aware of the situation and other people.

I always make sure I have cash on me when I'm getting my hair done for tipping! My salon doesn't allow tips on credit card. Always tip 15-25 percent especially if you love your hair & your stylist went over and beyond what you wanted!

Seriously, talking loud on your cell phone, or really anywhere in general is so very rude, especially so when you are in a relatively small space with a lot of people packed into it. It really gets in the way when you are trying to converse with your hairdresser. Some people, like my husband, are naturally loud talkers, and I constantly have to ask him to 'use your indoor voice' honey lol.

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