7 Ways to Fake Thick Hair ...


There are ways to fake thick hair if you weren’t born with it. Some of us don’t have the kind of hair that we wish we did. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. With these ways to fake thick hair, no one but you will know that you weren’t naturally born with it.

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Cut in Layers

Cut in Layers Layers actually make your hair look thicker. If your hair is long, you especially need them. Without them, it’s easy for your hair to be weighed down and look thin. Layers will give it body as well as movement. This is one of the easy ways to fake thick hair.


Step Away from the Straightener

Step Away from the Straightener If you straighten your hair often, you may want to reconsider your styling method. Straightening actually softens your hair, making it look thinner. Additionally, it can cause hair breakage, which certainly will not make your hair look thicker. Allow your hair to go without heat styling when you can. Even a couple of days a week can make a difference.


Tease, Tease, Tease

Tease, Tease, Tease Teasing is a great way to fake thick hair. You can wear your hair down and tease it at the crown to give it some lift. You can also wear your hair up after teasing it. Tease the top of your hair and the crown to give the illusion of thick hair. This usually takes the aid of some good hairspray. A teasing brush can be helpful, too.


Wear It up

Wear It up It’s easier to fake thick hair when you wear it up than when you wear it down. It can look limp more easily when it is worn down. Wearing your hair in a bun, twist or ponytail makes your hair look thicker than it is. For the best results, add some curl and texture to your hair with hairspray before you attempt to put it up. It does take a bit longer but the results are worth it.


Embrace the Wave

Embrace the Wave If you have wavy hair then you should embrace it. Wearing your hair in its natural wave doesn’t automatically make it thicker but it will look that way. It gives the appearance of thick hair. Try some curl cream or sea salt spray to help your waves lay in a pretty pattern. If you haven’t already been wearing your hair wavy, chances are you’ll start getting a lot of compliments on it.


Try Paul Mitchell Thicken up

Try Paul Mitchell Thicken up This is a great product that can help your hair to look thicker. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and adds a thickness that you wouldn’t expect a hair product could deliver. It also has additional benefits. It has conditioners that strengthen your hair and UV protection. It’s a hair product that’s good for your hair while aiding in styling it at the same time.


Tuck It behind Your Ear

Tuck It behind Your Ear This is a simple little trick but it works. After you’ve styled your hair, tuck one side behind your ears. This can give the appearance of thicker hair, especially if you’ve added some curls in. This is a habit many of us have anyway, so it’s nice that it can help your hair look thicker, too. It usually works best if you just tuck one side at a time instead of both.

These are 7 ways that you can fake thicker hair. What are your tricks for this? I’d love to hear your tips.

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I wish I had thicker hair

Try different hair products- look up some online and look at the reviews. That has helped me so much.

I have hair

I naturally have thick hair and I always get layers in my hair to thin it out

@Hayley lol it takes 30 min to thin out my hair

Same @hayley.

Whenever I curl my hair it always stays in .

@Hayley. I have thick hair too and I have the same name as you 😊

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