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Naturally curly hair is often thought of as also being naturally thick. Well, that may be true for some curlies but not all. Some of us dream of having thick hair and wonder how to make our own appear fuller. Several factors like health, genetics, and medicine impact natural hair density but a few simple tips and tricks will make our hair look bigger when we want it to. If you are wondering how to increase the volume of your kinks and curls at any time, then give some of these suggestions a try.

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70/30 Dry

70/30 Dry This one is an oldie but a goodie, and for good reason: it works. If you want fuller looking natural hair let nature do the work. Cleanse according to your regular method, lightly apply product, squeeze out excess water and allow hair to air dry. This simple - albeit time consuming - technique helps your hair achieve a richer, fuller look. As your hair dries lift and separate into small sections to allow maximum airflow and increased volume.


Twist It up

Twist It up We know that twists and braids add definition and sculpture to our natural hair. Those same techniques also add volume, especially on dry hair. Here I suggest two variations on what I like to call the 70% rule: 1) twist or braid wet hair and allow to dry about 70% before unbraiding OR allow hair to dry 70%, twist or braid then air dry to 100%. This technique gives our hair nice definition and extra volume.


Pick Those Roots

Pick Those Roots Many of us kinky/curly/coily-q's suffer from flat-top syndrome. We go through the motions of cleansing our hair, applying product, and scrunching our strands only to have the top dry flat. Well, nearly anyway. Remedy flat-toppedness (yep, made that up) by lifting your roots. Use a pick or wide-toothed combs to really get in there and lift those roots - do not tease. This method helps separate sections at the roots giving the appearance of an all-around fuller mane.


Separate Tendrils

Separate Tendrils If your roots are already on-point, try addressing your strands for added fullness. Strands usually clump together as they dry. Clumping provides fantastic curl definition as long as you don't touch your hair as it dries. Now, I am telling you to touch those strands. Lightly coat your hands with a natural oil or frizz taming serum. Smooth larger sections then separate those clumps into smaller pieces. Enjoy your fuller looking mane.


Diffuser Help

Diffuser Help A diffuser is a great way to lift your roots and encourage volume without sacrificing your curl pattern or definition. It also helps move the drying process along a little faster without sacrificing strand health or causing frizz.


Henna Head

Henna Head Henna is a natural option that encourages moisture, strength, color, and volume; it's like a secret weapon. Henna deposits minerals on the hair shaft, coating it with a protective layer that causes your strands to appear fuller. Be forewarned that some curlies report a loosened curl pattern after using henna.


Cut into Shape

Cut into Shape A good haircut makes us feel great! It can also make your natural hair appear fuller. Angled cuts lessen the weight, allowing hair to dry higher and tighter. This trick requires a bigger commitment but it will give you reliable results over time until your hair grows back.

Achieving fuller looking natural hair is pretty easy. Choose a trick and give it a try until you find the one or two that work best for you. How do you quickly plump up the look of your natural hair?

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My hair is fine, but very curly. To increase the volume when I don't want to use heat, I shampoo, then condition with a voluminous conditioner. I use a towel to dry it 70%. Then I use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Then I use Argan oil and my moisturizer..run it through from root to ends. Then I comb it again with a finer tooth comb. As it dries, my curls fill out and my hair doesn't tangle. I love it!

Thank you !! Great tips! More please ! 😘

Love these tips!!

Really enjoying all of your articles Shannon! Off to stalk the rest 😉

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