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Dealing with curly hair in warm weather ain’t easy. As the temperatures goes up, so does the frizz factor. But there’re ways to fight that. These’re some tips to get you through the warm weather season with less hair frustration.

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Don’t Fight Nature

I think one of the best tips for all hair types is to embrace what you have. It’s okay to style your hair in different ways and as women, we’re certainly entitled to enjoy more than one hairstyle. But going with the natural texture of your hair is always going to be the easiest. It’s always going to be easier for a girl with curls to embrace the curl. It’s always going to be easier for a girl with straight hair to embrace wearing her hair straight. Especially in the summer when your hair will tend to curl more, it’s best not to fight nature.


Always Air Dry

Curly hair tends to do better when it air dries. Blow drying your hair can invite frizz. It’s also a healthier choice for your hair to let it air dry. It saves it from the exposure of a styling tool. Simply apply your hair products and allow it to dry into your natural curl pattern.


Try Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray can be your best friend in warm weather. It encourages beautiful beachy waves and gives your hair a bit of texture to help it style. There’re different brands of sea salt spray that you can purchase. My daughter has had great luck with Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. A few sprays of this product works well with her curly hair.


Dress Your Tresses

If you have curly hair then conditioner has to be part of your hair care routine. Curly hair is usually thirsty for the moisture that conditioner can deliver. Making sure you use conditioner every time you wash your hair can help fight frizz that’s worse in warm weather. Spending time in the pool during the summer can be hard on your hair, too. Using a deep conditioner weekly such as Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle can help keep your hair balanced.


Treat Your Ends with Care

If your curly hair is dry and brittle on the ends then you need to try a product that treats that issue. Moroccanoil Hair Treatment is an amazing product for that. In addition to treating dry ends, it cuts frizz down so that you can enjoy the sleek, silky hair you’ve been dreaming of. If you can’t find this at your local beauty store, it’s available on Amazon. It’s pricey but worth every penny.


Take Advantage of the Braid Trend

Braids are so very in right now. For days that your hair just isn’t cooperating, put it in a braid. You can go for a basic braid but there’re also many variations that you can choose from. You can go for a fishtail braid, a French braid, a waterfall braid and many more. If you need some instruction on different sorts of braids, look for a tutorial online. Youtube has some wonderful hair tutorials to take advantage of.


Embrace the Messy Bun

The messy bun was made for curly haired girls. Curly hair has enough texture to hold a messy bun easily. On days when that’s as good as it gets, that’s okay. Polish your messy bun up a bit and enjoy. Many straight haired girls like myself would love to have hair that would hold this style so wear it proudly.

These’re some things you can do to deal with your curly hair in the summer. What’s your go-to hair trick when warm weather gives you hair woes? Share your secrets here!

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I rub olive oil on dry hair one a week massage in leave for half an hour, put shampoo on don't wet or oil will stick to hair, rinse shampoo again and condition, leave to air dry. I really helps apparently coconut oil is just as helpful xx

Some great tips thankyou

Salt will dry out your hair.

I love coconut oil a great hair mask at night ,wash regularly and during day put a pea size amount through hair as needed ;)

Salt dries out your hair so as a curly hair girl I don't put any sulfate or silicone in my hair read the ingredients on your products girls with curly hair stuck to oils I suggest coconut oil and olive oil but Yh condition like two to three times a week and braids are perfect for curly hair because we don't have to worry about it being neat I personally always have my hair in a messy bun

It really helps. In the UK boots have a curl creme which is fantastic xx

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