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Caring for your natural hair after the big chop combines tress maintenance and mental fortitude. Deciding to go this route takes courage. It is simultaneously liberating and empowering! It is also a little jarring – but don’t sweat it too much, we will get through this together. Caring for your natural hair after the big chop requires a few simple techniques and a good dose of patience. Many of us kinky/curly/coily ladies do the ‘big chop’ at least once. You are not alone.

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Nerves Galore

Caring for your natural hair after the big chop requires a bit of mental prep work in addition to the physical care and keeping of your hair. Even if you are fully informed about your decision, you are still anxious about the outcome. After the big chop, you are a little frazzled but soon feel unstoppable! This is totally normal and you are not alone.


Caring for natural hair after the big chop can be a daunting task. It's important to properly prepare your hair for the transition, so that it remains healthy and strong. Before the big chop, make sure you have the right products, tools, and techniques to maintain your natural hair. After the big chop, it's important to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized, as well as to trim your ends regularly to keep split ends at bay. Additionally, make sure to use protective styles when necessary and to avoid heat styling, which can damage your hair. With the right care and maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy your new look and feel unstoppable!


Gird Yourself

Now that you feel unstoppable, show it! Calm your nerves, embrace your style and prepare for the attention to come. Your big chop is now center of attention and it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter. Who can blame them? Your amazing fresh cut ‘do screams confidence.


Cleanse with Care

Kinky/curly/coily ladies know this tip well – use a gentle product and focus on your scalp. It is important to maintain a regular cleansing regimen no matter the length of your hair. However, hair after a big chop needs a little extra moisture attention. Handle with care and rinse thoroughly.


Moisturize Regularly

Each step in your cleanse and care routine will pass a little more quickly now that you have a shorter length. Deep condition once a week as usual and moisturize often. You may rock a new cut now but those strands are as tender as ever. Remember to moisturize regularly.


Seal and Seal Again

We cannot state this enough – seal your ends. This step in moisture retention remains important but your hair now requires less product than it did when it was longer. So, remember to emulsify your product thoroughly before applying and rake through evenly.


Sleep Tight

At night, cover your hair with a satin scarf while you sleep. If a scarf isn’t your thing, try a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase; any one of these three will work. Using satin material to protect your strands is a tried and true tip for maintaining moisture and reducing the possibility of damage.


Trim for Hair Health

You love your new look! Keep your hair in good shape after the big chop with regular trims. Healthy ends are pertinent to length retention, even if your goal is to maintain the cut long-term. Enlist the help of a skilled friend or professional with the regular trim maintenance.


Morning Refresher

Morning is your time to revitalize – this includes your hair. Wake up your kinks and curls with a thorough misting of a leave-in conditioner. Scrunch your strands to evenly distribute the product and make your texture pop! Add a little peppermint to make your scalp tingle.


Protect like You Mean It

It is easy to overlook the needs of our shorter style when we have new seasons to distract us! However, damage and moisture loss remain real concerns with shorter hair. Throw on a cap, scarf or beanie during the day to protect your strands and change up your look. Be sure to give your hair a little extra attention before heading out the door.

Everyone will have something to say about your decision. In the end, it is your hair, your decision and your journey! Be confident, be proud and rock your new style! Have you ever big-chopped? What was your experience?

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I'm truly in love with my hair! I only big chopped 5 months ago...and my hair giving me so much life!

@minnie That's so good ! I started a few years ago loving my natural hair. I would never wear my real hair because I wasn't confident. Now I'm totally in love with it !

I want to but I'm scared...I think I need reassurance that it will grow back and like I need a diet plan containing all the stuff I need to eat for my hair to grow back

It's A Natural Revolution going on and mine started 2 years ago while I was working in LA and didn't know a hair stylist. Now I call it my gift from LA

Sleep on a satin pillowcase will help with the frizz and k

I just recently did the big chop! Cut my 5yr old Locs off. I'm loving it! I've gotten so many mixed comments from my friends and family. But I love it. This blog was very helpful! If you have any product suggestions please let me know. 🙂

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